Big News! Fed charges against Northport fisherman are dismissed

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday moved to formally dismiss wire-fraud and conspiracy charges against a Northport fisherman who last year entered a one-year deferred prosecution agreement with the federal government following a multi-year fisheries fraud investigation. At the same time, the star witness in the case against that fisherman faces a government-recommended 46 months in prison, according to court records. >click to read< 09:06

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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    And what about the fishermen up and down the coast who played by the rules who got screwed on their fish prices because of the influx into the market of all of these illegally caught fish? What do they get out of this except the back of the hand of the government that continues to have ridiculously allocations to harvesters despite what we all know is a robust fluke biomass despite what the government trawl surveys say.
    And they say crime doesn’t pay? Between this and the New Bedford scam I would say it pays handsomely. Sickening

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