Fish farmers are upset by proposal by Canada’s ruling Liberal Party to ban all open net salmon farming in British Columbia by 2025.

The pledge, supported by various political groups in the province, has now been accepted as official future policy by the Liberals, led by Justin Trudeau, Canada’s controversial Prime Minister. Yesterday, the CAIA, together with its regional counterparts, including the BC Salmon Farmers Association and groups on the Atlantic coast, issued a statement rejecting the proposal. Timothy Kennedy, president and CEO of the CAIA, said: ‘The Liberal platform commitment to moving all salmon production in British Columbia to ‘closed containment by 2025’ is highly irresponsible,,, >click to read<  08:36

Liberal promise to end open-pen salmon farms in B.C. making waves on East Coast>click to read<  10:23

Federal Liberals treat East Coast fishery as ‘second class’; move to ban at-sea fish farms off BC, but not eastern Canada?>click to read< 16:01

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