Why aren’t they there? Cod still overfished, feds say

The federal government last week released data showing that cod stocks in the area remain overfished. “Overfishing is occurring”, says NOAA, “Abundance is very low, says Mass DMF Director David Pierce, “It just doesn’t make sense right now that the cod hasn’t rebuilt,” Fisherman Ed Barrett added. Angela Sanfilippo, president of the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association, called cod a “bycatch,” citing an abundance of haddock over the past 18 months, and said fishing fleets operate under strict regulation.  >click to read<

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  1. Bjoernar Nicolaisen says:

    What about looking into the fact that the oil industry with their for ever ongoing seismic blastings invaded Grand Banks during the 1980-ies – in the middle of the cod’s route from Arctic areas..? In Norwegian areas seismic blastings for oil/gaz increased 16 times in 20 years and I’m quite sure this has happened off there too. More than fishermen need to learn what kind of disasters seismic socalled “surveys” in fact are to all life connected to Our seas.

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