An opinion letter from Barnacle Bill: New Bedford Number One Fishing Port In America…..Oh How Far You Have Fallen

It is no secret that New Bedford is not the fishing port it once was. If it retains it’s title as the number one fishing port in 2019 then that just goes to show how bad things have gotten in the fishing industry as a whole. There is one thing that is certain the amount of money that is actually going to the people who catch the fish is at an all time low. Between quota lease and falling crew shares due to increased costs in the difficult environment the workers are getting less and the boat owners and fish lords are getting more. >click to read<  16:45

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  1. No truer words have ever been printed. As the consolidation continues unabated, these so called friends of the fishermen such as the CCHA and National Fishermen Magazine are planting the seeds of their own destruction.
    Soon there won’t be anyone left to stand up and fight on behalf of this once noble industry. These organizations have betrayed the rank and file of those they once stood behind and supported. They should be ashamed of themselves for believing by taking the side of those aligned against us,that in the end they would be better off and profit off of our demise.
    They’ll reap what they have sowed in the end.