The ups and downs of being a Tasmanian lobster man

Lobster man Brendan “Squizzy” Taylor happily admits to loving his job, but the overheads are huge, and when he’s under the financial hammer and his pots start coming up empty – or are full of lobster killed or disfigured by octopus – it’s not a lot of fun. But at least Taylor gets to enjoy grilling up some fresh octopus for himself, right? “No,” he says, without a trace of his usual humour. “I hate ’em.,, “I remember leaving school, jumping on a cray boat, going around the west coast for seven or eight days,” he says. “I was seasick for three days non-stop, had to work 18 hours a day and I remember thinking, ‘I can’t do this. This is way too hard. I can’t do it physically or mentally.’ >photo’s, >click to read<  11:15

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