Scientific study finds Seismic testing significantly increases mortality in scallops.

A recently published study in the U.S. Scientific Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that seismic air gun testing led to a significant increase in mortality among scallops along the Australian coast. No studies have been completed, [or even began] in the U.S. due to lack of funding by the U.S. Commerce Department controlled National Marine Fishery Service. >click to read<  19:57

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  1. jim lovgren says:

    This study backs up the anecdotal claims of Australian fishermen who said that after seismic testing occurred on their scallop grounds all the scallops eventually died. The air blast is not immediately fatal but causes a slow death by weakening of the immune system. Maybe this study will wake up everybody who is pushing so hard for massive off shore wind farms that are going to be placed in the middle of some of the worlds richest scallop beds off the US east coast. They have been plastering the ocean with sonic testing of the bottom, [not as strong as what is used for oil exploration] and the construction of these giant structures will create an inhospitable marine environment for many species. Also once operational the windmills will create there own unnatural noises, including massive vibrations, and the creation of electric/ magnetic fields around the power cables. How will our cherished marine species react to this unnatural intrusion?
    The windfarm companies and their paid off flunkies are mad that NMFS slowed down the construction rush by requiring an adequate environmental assessment be made. The hypocrisy of some in the environmental community is crystal clear with windmills. Put them up immediately we must save the planet everything else be damned, we don’t need any environmental assessments. Yet over the last 25 years an uncountable number of lawsuits have been filed with multiple federal agencies over lack, of or inadequate environmental impact studies. So is the environmental community willing to risk destroying the fisheries of the united states so that they can continue receiving enormous amounts of money from the windmill companies, [who clearly don’t give a damn about the marine environment]. Whats the rush? Unless something is done about China and India’s massive creation of new coal burning power plants on a scale never before seen, the US is just pissing in the wind with windpower. It will have minor impact on greenhouse gas reduction, but it can quite possibly destroy the US oldest industry, besides putting the nail in the coffin of the northern Right Whale.
    The US government needs to immediately start research into the noise pollution that is now taking place and will only get worse as construction begins. The little science available supports the detrimental effects of noise pollution in the marine environment, other studies have raised concerns about Electro-magnetic fields and their effects on bottom dwelling organisms. The sky is not falling, so whats the rush, lets get some real science and make the windmill companies pay for it, but not have any involvement in the actual study because we all know how it works when someone pays for their own science.Lastly while we’re discussing government involvement, how about the FBI investigate the massive amounts of money being thrown around by these multinational corporations to gain the public’s support. The Dems are going to impeach the president over a molehole while a mountain of money is being used by the wind farm companies to bribe their way into a fortune at the taxpayers expense. Windfarms will be the largest tax increase in US history, just wait, in ten years when you won’t be able to pay your electric bill anymore, and wild caught seafood are gone from the market place. Don’t worry though you’ll still to able to huddle together and sing Kumbaya while you eat aquacultured tilapia feed by sewerage.

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      Spot on Jim. These so called environmentalists are some of the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever seen in my life. How much is the wind industry feeding these son’s a’ bitches? Follow the money.

      Q: Where will these foreign owned companies be when these things are rusting hulks falling over destroying our fishing grounds/food supply?
      A: Sitting in their ivory towers in Europe counting their money and laughing at the fools who supported this scam. Wake up sheeple!

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