“With a bit of prodding by some valued colleagues”, we will be launching a series “Looking Back”

A few of us were conversing, and the topic of resurrecting’s some of the posts, pages, and information of the past to gauge the changes and improvement’s achieved though the past few decades of fishery management and sacrifice, or if there have been any improvements at all! Nils Stolpe, Jim Lovgren, and I thought perhaps these various posts and articles would give an indication of how the domestic fishing is doing! Both of these gentlemen are exceptional writers, with exceptional knowledge of the domestic fishing industry and they have been featured here many times. We hope people revisit these articles, and for many of the newer fishermen in the industry today, this may be the first exposure to this interesting, and valuable info, and other stories. We’ll kick it off with “With a bit of prodding by some valued colleagues,”  >click to read< 13:07

2 Responses to “With a bit of prodding by some valued colleagues”, we will be launching a series “Looking Back”

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Can’t think of any better people to push this project forward. It’s hard to believe how long this fight for survival of this industry has been going on.
    Nil’s and Jim have been very vocal on behalf of this industry and their historic perceptions should be kept alive. Why you may ask?
    Because those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. The whole fabric of this industry is undergoing a very troubling change. The consequences of this change will create an industry that many have seen coming and have been trying to stave off for decades.
    If the forces aligned against fishermen and their communities are allowed to get their way, the outcome will never be undone.
    So read, study and consider the thoughts of these gentlemen and try to figure out what YOU can do to defeat those who seek to take over this historic industry.

  2. Jim Kendall says:

    Along with all the BS articles on the web, one of the biggest problems is there apparently are no requirements to date the article. As Nils stated, the article that was referenced was years old, & growing older with each telling.
    At some point there should be a requirement to place a date within each article or posting on the web, as it can now be seen, they can live forever.
    Jim Kendall – NBSC
    Mar. 2, 2020

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