‘Planet Of The Humans’ May Splinter The Green-Energy ‘Delusion’

The newly released Planet of the Humans film is an as damning documentary as you’ll ever see – produced by Michael Moore. It’s a huge load of inconvenient truth all at once. Will the film be too much to take and be shut down by the social media giants and others? Directed by environmentalist Jeff Gibbs, the film examines the crony capitalism, corruption, and outright deceit and fraud being perpetrated by green-energy billionaires, politicians, and their spokespeople, like Bill McKibben who is prominently featured. The film is certainly going to be a harsh wake-up call for a good portion of the Fridays for Future movement.  >click to read< 09:43

  #EarthDay at 50: None Of The Eco-Doomsday Predictions Have Come True – From predicting ecological collapse and the end of civilization to warnings that the world is running out of oil, all environmental doomsday predictions of the first Earth Day in 1970 have turned out to be flat out wrong. >click to read<

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