Here’s the itinerary for President Donald J. Trump’s Friday visit to Maine

Trump will arrive in Bangor around 1:50 p.m. for the fisheries discussion. Air Force One is scheduled to land at the Bangor International Airport. The president will go directly into the roundtable discussion at the airport with commercial fisheries stakeholders who have not yet been identified by the White House. It is expected to last a half-hour. He is then likely to take a helicopter to Guilford. The White House hasn’t disclosed his mode of transportation, but Trump is likely to get aboard his helicopter, Marine One, for the trip to Guilford, where videos posted to social media have shown government helicopters practicing takeoffs and landings at the high school this week. They have also been spotted above Bangor. >click to read< 18:57

Governor and other state delegates release statements ahead of President Trump’s visit – The Welcoming Committee doesn’t sound very friendly! >click to read<

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