How can Maritime fisheries prevent another species collapse?

At a time when the Atlantic fishery industry is facing pressure from the Coronavirus crisis and reaching out for federal help, a Concordia researcher is focused on how to help the industry. “One of the things that can make fishing a difficult profession is the inherent uncertainty of the availability of fish stocks. The abundance of any single species can change quite a bit from one year to the next, and the kinds of regime shifts that I study can lead to even larger and longer-lasting shifts that are difficult to predict,” says Eric Pedersen, assistant professor of biology in the Faculty of Arts and Science. For those who experienced the 1990s collapse of the cod fishery in the Atlantic northwest, life was very hard. The government moratorium put tens of thousands out of work and had a catastrophic effect on the regional economy. At the time, the common perception was that overfishing had caused the crisis. >click to read< 13:02

The people causing the predation the Professor never brings up, are supporting the problem. Could 2020 finally bring an end to the commercial seal hunt in Canada?>click to read<

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