More restrictions for Fraser River chinook fishermen

All but one of 13 Fraser River chinook populations assessed by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada are currently at risk. New restrictions this year include maximum size limits of 80 cm in southern marine recreation fisheries to help mitigate risks to larger females, and an expanded fishing closure off the mouth of the Fraser River. Additional closures have been added in the Strait of Georgia and Juan de Fuca Strait for protection of the Southern Resident Killer Whales. >click to read< 09:35

One Response to More restrictions for Fraser River chinook fishermen

  1. ken pearce says:

    stocks of concern (4.2 and 5.2) are 100% in the Fraser by July 1st. Lower Fraser stocks ( Shuswap,Veddar Chehalis) are in healthy shape by DFO’s own admission. Closure off the mouth of the Fraser beyond July 31 makes absolutely no sense what so ever and totally destroys the sports fishing industry for that area.what is needed is approval of our IFMP to harvest pinnipeds and bring their populations back into balance to reduce the 50 to 80% carnage of outbound chinook smolts. The new total closures are at best a band aid solution.

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