Lobstering at 15: Brentwood girl spends summer working on family’s boat

When most of her friends are still asleep during summer vacation, 15 year old Ella Byrne is getting up before the sun. Her dad, Ward, wakes her about 3 a.m., and the two head to Portsmouth, from their home in Brentwood. They eat breakfast, then take a dinghy to their big boat, the F/V Sugar Daddy. They motor past the Portsmouth Fisherman’s Cooperative Pier, and out to the Atlantic Ocean while it’s still dark. When the sun begins to rise, it’s time to haul lobster traps. When asked how long she’s been going, she points she points to a photo on her phone when she was about 8 on the boat with her dad. With sales of lobster to restaurants down, and fish auctions happening less often, the Byrnes are like many other local fishermen who have pivoted to a direct to consumer model of sales. photo’s, >click to read< 23:19

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