Maine lawmaker calls for renewed investigation into Vinalhaven killing

Roger Feltis, 28, was killed on the evening of June 14 at the home of Dorian and Briannah Ames. The couple has claimed that they killed Feltis in self-defense. A grand jury declined to indict the couple on charges last month. “Anyone who read the newspaper accounts of the story realizes that something is gravely amiss in this whole thing,” Evangelos said. “We want a credible investigation.”,, Feltis went to the Ameses’ home on Roberts Cemetery Road the night he died to confront Dorian Ames. In the months since Feltis moved to Vinalhaven, he had allegedly been harassed by the couple. The harassment seemed to start after Feltis took a job as a sternman on a lobster boat a job that Dorian Ames had also been seeking, according to Feltis’ girlfriend, Jennie Candage. >click to read< 10:35

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