New Brunswick: US company plans to build a lobster distribution warehouse in Bayside, upsetting some neighbors.

Little Bay Lobster of Newington, N.H., is proposing a 2,300-square-metre building that can hold as much as 300,000 pounds of live lobster. Owner, Jonathan Shafmaster says the company has been looking for a spot to set up in New Brunswick for over two years. “We have run out of space and we can’t expand,” Shafmaster said. “We buy a lot of lobsters in Canada and you have a very well-managed fishery.” He said Little Bay Lobster buys over two million pounds of Canadian lobsters annually, and the majority of the crustaceans sent to the Bayside warehouse will come from this country. But the proposed location for the metal-clad building, on a former gravel pit property on the St. Croix River, has Gary McDougall in a boil. His home would look down on the building. >click to read< 10:07

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