1,500 Wind Turbines. 2,700 Square Miles. Atlantic Offshore Wind Farms Will Be Big.

American offshore wind farms, (built of foreign components) of which there are 17 in the works for the Atlantic Ocean, are no longer far off on the horizon. Dire predictions of climate change and how to most quickly pivot to clean energy have fueled the embrace of offshore wind. And while most stakeholders seem on board with the nearly Eiffel Tower-sized turbines, the fishing industry remains a holdout. Meanwhile, the cumulative effect of so many turbines spread across the Mid-Atlantic Bight remains unknown. The bight stretches from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to the Gulf of Maine. video, notable quotes,  >click to read< 10:50

3 Responses to 1,500 Wind Turbines. 2,700 Square Miles. Atlantic Offshore Wind Farms Will Be Big.

  1. Joel says:

    I guess I should not have asked if things could possibly get any worse yesterday. I should have known better.

  2. Joel says:

    And let’s not forget about the upcoming parade of organizations and politicians who will surely prostitute themselves and sell themselves as “friends” of the industry while sticking their hands out to these foreign entities for cash.
    As the saying goes, follow the money.
    And apologies to the prostitution industry for my associating them with these slimy backstabbing bastards!

  3. James catfish says:

    How fitting the push for wind is led by the cuomo crime family..I believe any decisions done by the state of New York should be put off until there is a complete investigation into cuomo and his cronies.. After the sex abuse accusations and the cover up of the 10,000s of thousnads he murdered in nursing homes,I am sure bribes from big wind will be exposed!!!

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