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Gary Griggs – Salmon and squid

Salmon and squid both came on the radar this past week,,, These two marine animals have both shared some top billings in their importance to California’s commercial fishery in recent years, although there are significant year-to-year fluctuations. Calamari or market squid have been the number one fishery in tonnage caught, year after year… until last year. In typical years, 70,000 to 118,000 tons (118,000 is the allowable total catch) would be brought to the docks by the squid boats, making up consistently two-thirds of the entire commercial catch. >click to read< 10:46

Wooden Boat Breaks Up Off South Jetty in Barnegat Light After Crew Rescued

The captain of an older wooden boat registered in Shinnecock, N.Y., told Coast Guard crews he was bringing the vessel to Barnegat Light for repairs when it ran into trouble near Barnegat Inlet Wednesday night.,, But on Friday, any destination that would have been in the commercial fishing segment of town was unknown. “Nobody knows anything about anybody coming here to work on a boat,” said Mayor Kirk Larson, a fishing fleet owner at Viking Village commercial dock. Thursday, the boat was snagged on low rocks and torn open, “taking a beating,” as observers reported. By Friday, the boat had broken up. “The rigging is collapsed into the water and there is nothing left but the bow of the boat,” Larson said. >click to read< 09:31

Destroying a fishery will not save Southern Resident Killer Whales – Scientists say feed starving whales farmed salmon

In less than two weeks, a Seattle-based federal judge will decide the fate of some 1,600 Southeast Alaska salmon trollers—fishermen who are already looking at the lowest allotment of Chinook in 20 years, largely due to the past three Pacific Salmon Treaty agreements that have cut, by two-thirds, their allocation of these high-value, sought-after fish. If you haven’t been following the trade press or Alaska media in the past few weeks, you may not know that this group of largely rural Alaska fishermen are today facing the unthinkable: being put out of business—collateral damage as the result of a lawsuit filed by a Washington state-based NGO, the Wild Fish Conservancy (WFC), against the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). In the lawsuit, WFC seeks a Preliminary Injunction to stop the Southeast Alaska summer troll fishery, alleging that NMFS has failed to allow enough king (Chinook) salmon to return to Puget Sound to feed endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales,,, >click to read< 08:16

Feed starving whales farmed salmon, say scientists – “You could use well boats to deliver the farmed fish to where the whales feed.” >click to read<