‘Alarm bells should be going off’: P.E.I. fishers reflects on low prices, poor weather throughout 2023 spring lobster season

Charlie McGeoghegan, chair of the P.E.I. lobster marketing board, wants answers as to why the price of lobster per pound was so low throughout the 2023 spring season.  According to McGeoghegan, the price of lobster was $13.50 per pound up until the start of the season when it suddenly dropped by more than six dollars. As a result, fishers in the province lost more than $300 million in revenue, as the yield last year was more than 47 million pounds.  “Alarm bells should be going off with the province as well, that’s a lot of revenue,” said McGeoghegan.  Lobster fisher Art MacDonald of Souris said he’s had a hard time remembering a colder and wetter fishing season.  >click to read< 17:07

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