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Full on fish landings this #FishyFriday in Newlyn.

Good Morning from Newlyn! 22 photos and a nice video! >click to review< 09:47

Scrabster in top three in Scotland as fishing activity outperforms national average

Fishing activity at Scrabster outperformed the national average last year and the port is now in the top three in Scotland, newly released figures have shown. However, while the Caithness harbour has recovered well from the “turbulence and volatility” created by Covid-19, continued growth is likely to be hampered by fuel costs and other challenges. Marine Scotland’s Scottish Fisheries Statistics 2021 give details of fish landings at every port in the country. The harbour is the third most important port/district in Scotland, after Peterhead and Shetland.  >click to read< 09:55

Mixed picture for Shetland fish landings – an increase in volume but a drop in value

Just over 54,000 tonnes – worth some £72 million – were landed in the islands during 2020, nearly half of it by Shetland boats. The total tonnage was up by 7% year-on-year but the value fell 10%. Some 18,600 tonnes of white-fish worth £37m were landed in Shetland, more than two-thirds of it by local boats. Mr Napier said Shetland landings were not badly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, >click to read< 08:56

Monday morning in Newlyn

Fishing vessel Silver Dawn at dawn heads in through the gaps for the fish market. She will pass a bevvy of the port’s biggest crabbers, five of them currently between trips, tyre fenders in the making, they could come in handy. The weekend saw a number of landings from boats large and small including these top quality red mullet from the Fishing Vessel Harvest Reaper, >32 photos, video, click to read< 22:32

The Voice Of The Lobster

Over in the Tweetiverse, someone was all boo-hoo about the eeevil effects of “climate change” that he claimed had “already occurred”. He referenced a publication from a once-noble organization that sadly has drunk the “CLIMATE EMERGENCY” koolaid, National Geographic. So I read it, and the only thing in that, other than what “might” and “probably” and “could” occur at some uncertain time in the future, was a mention of “oceanic heatwaves” in Maine and surroundings, viz: “The U.S. is already grappling with climate change’s heavy costs, like when a powerful ocean heatwave struck the Northeast and devastated the region’s lobster fishery.” As a long-time commercial fisherman, that piqued my interest. So I looked to see what I could find out. >click to read< 05:56

Great Catch: Oregon’s fishing industry

It’s a business like any other — and unlike any other — and for those who fish the Oregon coast, it’s all about pride in doing it right, from sea to shore.,, According to the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), an estimated 1,310 commercial fishers landed more than 300 million pounds of seafood in 2017, a dockside value of approximately $148 million.,, It’s a multigenerational livelihood steeped in tradition, with many fishing at an early age as part of a family business.,, Captain Robert Anthony, owner of the Liberty II and the Luna Sea Fish House market and restaurant in Yachats, began fishing in his twenties. >click to read< 09:10

Report: Gloucester landings down, but worth more – Haddock Skyrockets

manatthewheelThe value of those 2014 Gloucester landings, however, actually rose to $46 million in 2014 from $42 million the previous year. The report showed landings of Atlantic cod — which declined more than 50 percent in 2013 — rose about 4 percent, or 180,000 pounds, to 5.2 million pounds in 2014. About 4.3 million pounds, or about 83 percent, of that cod was landed at Massachusetts ports. But the value of cod landings — which fell 52.8 percent in 2013 to $10.5 million — declined another 11 percent to $9.4 million in 2014. Haddock was a far different story than cod,,, Read the rest here 08:23

Tale of 2 fisheries on stage and at the dock – Play’s ’80s packing plant a far cry from today

gdt iconThe 1986 setting for the play “North Shore Fish” — now showing at Gloucester Stage resuming Wednesday night — hints at a foreboding crisis in the fishing industry that started as a trickle in the mid-1980s, and has become a veritable deluge in 2013. [email protected]