The Voice Of The Lobster

Over in the Tweetiverse, someone was all boo-hoo about the eeevil effects of “climate change” that he claimed had “already occurred”. He referenced a publication from a once-noble organization that sadly has drunk the “CLIMATE EMERGENCY” koolaid, National Geographic. So I read it, and the only thing in that, other than what “might” and “probably” and “could” occur at some uncertain time in the future, was a mention of “oceanic heatwaves” in Maine and surroundings, viz: “The U.S. is already grappling with climate change’s heavy costs, like when a powerful ocean heatwave struck the Northeast and devastated the region’s lobster fishery.” As a long-time commercial fisherman, that piqued my interest. So I looked to see what I could find out. >click to read< 05:56

3 Responses to The Voice Of The Lobster

  1. Susan Beaton says:

    Boy it’s a real shame you would post something by Willis Eschenbach. He has zero credibility. No scientific background. A bought and paid for climate change denier with no credentials, former carpenter.

    • - Moderator says:

      There is nothing like a diverse selection of material to give people something to think about, even if someone disagrees with it. Your comment certainty doesn’t reflect the majority of comments in many places! Thanks for writing in!

  2. jim lovgren says:

    Jesus was a former carpenter.

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