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Controversial bill allowing secret tracking devices on lobster boats wins Maine Senate approval

A compromise has been reached over a controversial bill that would allow the Department of Marine Resources to secretly place tracking devices on lobster boats. The measure is aimed at cracking down on violators of lobstering laws. The Maine Lobstermen’s Union had been strongly opposed to the bill, saying it gave the commissioner too much authority by allowing him to covertly track boats. But after a discussion with the commissioner this morning the union now backs the bill. “So we have a lot more people fishing offshore, much more difficult to catch violators offshore,” said Patrice McCarron of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association. McCarron said if allowing investigators to covertly place tracking devices on boats of suspected cheaters leads to more arrests, the industry will be better off. Video, click here to read the story 11:30

Maine Lobstermen Support GPS Tracking of Lawbreakers Fishing Vessels – Lobstermen from Swans Island are fed up with the bad behavior of fellow fishermen who violate regulations within the states most valuable fishery.  Video, click here to read the story 12:02

Three Maine Lobsterman Organizations weigh in on Cashes Ledge Monument Proposal

The Maine Lobstermen’s Association, Downeast Lobstermen’s Association and cashes ledge closed are weighing in, along with groups from other states, on the new National Marine Monument proposed for Cashes Ledge and the New England Canyons in the Gulf of Maine. “To unilaterally allow such a designation would usurp the established habitat and fisheries management public process and could be economically catastrophic not only to the commercial and charter fishermen but also to hundreds of small coastal communities in New England,” Read the rest here 11:18:08

A Maine lobstermen union?

Maine lobstermen may not initially strike you as the type of workers who would join a union. Yet as of this past fall, approximately 600 lobstermen from up and down the coast had done just that. Why would lobstermen join a union, and what does this say about the state of organized labor in today’s economy? Read more here  blr.com  15:12

New York Times picks up the Maine Lobstermen’s Union story, but is it legit?

An existing group, the Maine Lobstermen’s Association, earlier this year published an op-ed and created a short-lived Web site questioning the need for a union.“To me, it undermines the very strength of the industry,” said Patrice McCarron, the executive director of the association, which counts more than 1,000 lobstermen as members and has an additional 125 members from other parts of the industry. “To put lobstermen in the role of a laborer, rather than a business owner, I don’t think is a healthy way to characterize this fleet of lobstermen.” [email protected] 11:43

Breakfast welcomes Maine’s new lobstermen’s union

The state’s newest labor union was celebrated Monday during  the Southern Maine Labor Council’s annual Labor Day breakfast at the  Irish Heritage Center. Rock Alley of Jonesport, president of the new  Maine Lobstermen’s Union, said he was overwhelmed by the support lobster  fishermen across the state have received as they pushed forward their  grassroots effort to organize.[email protected] 10:26

The real promise of a new Maine lobstermen’s union

It takes some research and math to show that the real earnings of the average lobsterman have stayed almost flat for 30 years. continued