A teenager in Boothbay Harbor had a dream. After 27 years, he achieved it.

Nearly three decades ago Jerry Farnham was working as a sternman on his father’s lobster boat in Boothbay Harbor. Eyeing the people on the deck of a gorgeous yacht not far away, he began to wonder: “What if they just want to be like normal people? You know, maybe they want to come and watch lobster boat races. Maybe they want to go lobstering.” The thought stuck with Farnham, who was only 16 years old, and with it came another notion. He wanted to take that idea and turn it into a novel, one set in Boothbay Harbor and filled with characters like the people he’d grown up with. It was easier said than done. One day in June of this year, he sat down at a table in Sherman’s and signed copies of his novel “Red at Night.” Video, >>click to read<< 09:22

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