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Fisherman backs shark-cull tourism

A third-generation Albany commercial fisherman has weighed into the ongoing shark cull debate, suggesting that the State Government explore the prospect of giving charter operators the licence to catch great white sharks as a tourism venture. Tony Westerberg, who has fished off the waters of the south coast for more than 40 years, says the ramifications of the reduction of shark fishing licences were evident, with surfers and divers continually being attacked. Teenager Laeticia Brouwer was the 15th person to be killed by a shark in WA since 2000 when she was attacked while surfing with her father in Esperance last month, prompting the debate’s reignition. click here to read the story 18:34

Fisherman to join shark fight as contractors to deploy drumlines

The Baird government will have to employ contractors, likely to be fishermengreat_white_shark_11 to carry out its plan to deploy 100 “smart” drumlines as it grapples with preventing more shark attacks. Resisting calls for shark nets to be installed in NSW north coast waters that have suffered a spate of attacks in the past 18 months, the government instead announced an extra 85 smart drumlines will be installed, particularly around Ballina. South Cross University marine biologist Danny Bucher said he was concerned about how commercial fishermen would handle the sharks. “The tradition of how to handle a fish, for a fisherman, is quite different to how you handle a fish as a scientist. For me to actually catch a fish for research purposes, I have to do a 14-page ethics-committee approval. It’s quite a different matter for a fisherman,” Dr Bucher said. “Those fisherman would have to be trained.” (lol) Read the story here 09:04

That Didn’t Take Long: North & South Carolina Shark Attacks Blamed on Global Warming

As one might have expected, from mainstream media’s let’s-see-what-we-can-blame-on-global-warming department comes the CBSNews article “Strange” spike in shark attacks puzzles experts.“The trend is normally zero or one attack in that area in any one year,” said Dr. Samuel Gruber, the director of the Bimini SharkLab. Theories as to why this is happening range from time of day, to bait fishing, sea turtle migration, lunar cycles and global warming.  Whose theories? WHAT ABOUT THE SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURES THERE? Read the rest here 07:58