Eight Projects Selected for S-K Funding – Here we go again! Fisherman get the shaft, thanks to NOAA

To those fisherman who put in an application for Saltonstall-Kennedy Program Funding money, I feel badly for you who were not selected.

Again, NOAA gave the money to universities, foundations, and other special interests and not you who it should be for. Unfortunately for those who applied, this has been going on for years under NOAA’s selection of those that apply.

I believe when authored by Senators Leverett Saltonstall (R-Mass.) and John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.) in 1954 to promote and market domestic seafood, that they didn’t think our fisherman would be left out.

Two years ago, I was chosen by NOAA to serve on a panel to review those who applied. I and ten other good people were on the panel to review
those who applied. We graded the applicants and NOAA decided which of those the grant money would be awarded to.

I was convinced then and now it is all fixed by NOAA in the back room.

As you may recall, I told this story to Fisherynation.com, and about a month latter was contacted by Senator Sullivan of Alaska who asked for my help asking the Senators and Congressman in my state to support his bill, S1322,  that would intern a select panel as it was in 1954.

I contacted Senator Markey who sent his assistant to meet with me >click here< after some time. Markey said he would support the bill, as also did Senator Warren. It has been over a year and though it passed one hurdle it still has to go to the full house for passage.

We need to support this bill if our fisherman will ever see these funds as intended by John F Kennedy. The time is now to help pass it

Thank You,

Sam Parisi. Gloucester


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FY20 Successful Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Applicants

NOAA Fisheries announced more than $8 million in funding under the 2020 Saltonstall-Kennedy Competitive Grants Program for 30 projects.
Alaska New England/Mid-Atlantic Pacific Islands Southeast West Coast National

Today, NOAA Fisheries announced recommendations to fund 30 projects for more than $8 million under the 2020 Saltonstall-Kennedy Competitive Grants Program. The list of projects fall into two categories: Promotion, Development and Marketing and Science or Technology that Promotes Sustainable U.S Seafood Production and Harvesting.
View the list of recommended projects (PDF, 3 pages)
At this point in the selection process, application approval and obligation is not final. An application being recommended is not an authorization to begin performance of the project, and is not a guarantee of funding. Final approval is subject to funding availability as well as final review and approval by both NOAA Grants Management Division and DOC Financial Assistance Law Division. No application is “awarded” until it has been signed by the official Grants Officer. The Grants Officer will notify successful applicants in writing when their application has been approved.