Letter to the Editor

May 8, 2013

Narragansett Town Council

25 Fifth Ave.

Narragansett, RI  02882

Dear President Callaghan and Members:

It was a rare Democratic process I participated in  on May 6, 2013 on the issue of DeepWater Wind.   The meeting was exceptionally well conducted.  The  dialogue was informed and spirited, with rounds of applause graciously  accepted by the President and Council Members.   

While I have difficulty comprehending that tripling  energy cost, to make the energy supply less reliable, is something  a person must argue against, I am grateful for the opportunity to  provide comments in person, and this evidence that supports  them.  

The business history of UPC First Wind affiliates and  subsidiaries is remarkable because their wind projects consistently fail to  produce energy, yet developers continue to collect public subsidies, from Italy  to Hawaii; or their wind projects have been seized by anti-Mafia Police during  Operation “Gone With the Wind” as (7) Italian Vento Power Corporation IVPC  projects in Italy, with office located at “Via Circumvallazione  108, Avellino.”

It is for the reasons below stated, and more, that I ask  the Council to end, beyond suspend, negotiations with DeepWater Wind.   Please do not hesitate to call, or to contact me by email, for clarification or  additional information regarding the evidence that follows; or  about UPC testimony  attached.      

Most Respectfully,

Barbara Durkin

Northboro, MA 



Attachment–UPC testimony on their Italian Vento Power  Corporation affiliate/subsidiary 


My evidence narrative below is  in plain font.  Quotes are italicized.  


Who  is DeepWater Wind?—from RI PUC Docket 4111>


Deepwater  will draw on First Wind’s technical, development and commercial financing  expertise. First Wind’s  Chief Executive Officer, Paul Gaynor, and President, Michael Alvarez, are  Deepwater board members  and have been actively involved in the preparation of this proposal. 



First Wind Hawaii project(s)  history, Big Cable, Big Wind: 


Navigant Report that  addressed  Hawaii Subsea Cable for the State of Hawaii responds to the  proposed the Big Wind Big Cable project in Hawaii.  The Report informs First Wind has  responded to the Request for Proposals RFP process for this, the state’s  biggest green contract in history.  Navigant Report also informs First Wind  has no undersea experience.  Project  costs would be socialized regardless of failure to operate, or project  delays.  First Wind has failed to gain site control. 


While  proposing comprehensive packages of wind farm and cable systems in their  initial  proposals to HECO, neither wind farm developer had any experience in the  development  of undersea cables. The studies upon which the cable portion for these  “comprehensive”  proposals was based were, at best early stage, desk top evaluations and  surveys. Upon further study, certain cable routes were apparently  problematic.


Navigant  Report:    http://energy.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Navigant-2011.pdf


Informative  article:

‘Hawaiis Biggest Clean Energy Contract  Generating Big Interest’




First Wind Project failures–Kahuku in Hawaii–land-based with (12) Clipper Wind turbines,  offline: 


Hawaii Free  Press


Monday, March       11, 2013
March             11, 2013 News Read By Andrew Walden
China Debates Whether                         to ‘Keep or Dump’ North                         Korea

Abercrombie for                         Monopolies?

SEC Charges Illinois                         for Misleading Pension                         Disclosures

No cause, no                         answers 7 months after Kahuku wind farm fire

KHON: Since August, the 12                         turbines at Kahuku are at a standstill after a fire                         inside the facility’s battery storage system shut the                         wind farm down.

Turns out it was the third                         blaze to break-out inside the building.

“And those we did an                         extensive investigation and determined the cause of                         those that was related to the capacitors in the                         converters,” said Wren Wescoatt of First Wind. “We took                         several steps to remedy that and the new investigation                         looked into that as one of the possibilities but hasn’t                         yet determined what the cause of the final fire                         was.”

Sen. Gabbard who chairs the                         Committee on Energy says – no cause is no                         good.

“I’m a little surprised                         they haven’t found out the cause of the fire, we’re                         still waiting to get results of the investigation,                         because I think that’s a key part of it,” said Senator                         Mike Gabbard (D).

The battery-storage                         technology was the first of its kind to regulate the                         flow of power when trade winds aren’t  blowing.

A system First Wind may                         decide to ditch.

“We’ve been working with                         HECO to remove the battery building, to re-build the                         control equipment and to get back online and producing                         as soon as possible,” said Wescoatt.

…under a 20-year contract                         First Wind could face sanctions if the project doesn’t                         get going again.

“There is a possibility                         that the contract could be terminated somewhere down the                         road , but our focus in on First Wind to get it back in                         operation,” shared Pai.

2012: Lawsuit: Kahuku                         Windfarm May Never Get its Turbines                         Repaired

2010: Xtreme Power: A                         Pig-in-a-poke For Hawaii Wind Farm

read … No cause, no answers 7                         months after Kahuku wind farm fire

Kahuku wind farm                         safety called into question

KHON: Work is underway to                         rebuild, but some want a second look to see if the                         project is even safe….

“It wasn’t just sulfuric                         acid batteries, it was lead but the main concern, main                         contaminate of concern was of lead,” said Elizabeth                         Galvez, Health Department, Hazard Evaluation and                         Emergency Response Office.

The blaze was so intense,                         it took days before fire crews were safely able to enter                         the building.

It was one of the biggest                         cases the Department of Health’s Hazard Evaluation and                         Emergency Response Office has ever had.

But they left the air,                         water, and soil sampling in the hands of First                         Wind.

“They prepared a work-plan                         with our oversight and hired a consultant to do the                         sampling,” said Galvez.

The sampling came back                         clean.

“However we feel the DOH                         should have been the person to contact those different                         agencies and back charge the developer, rather than the                         developer choosing his own to go and check. That’s like                         the fox watching the chicken house,” said Kent                         Fonoimoana, Kahuku Neighborhood Board….

While the warehouse is                         gone, the windmills are designed to last 20 years.                         

As long they are there,                         First Wind will shell out $45,000 a year to local                         groups.

read … Kahuku wind farm                         safety called into                     question


Hawaii Free Press

Subject: US House Report Funding for Kahuku Windfarm is  “Junk” Industrial Solar Failing

March 25, 2012


Hawaii Free Press

December 6, 2011

‘Confidential Memo: Wind Turbine Model Installed at Kahuku  has Structural Problems’

Hawaii  Free Press

November 13, 2011

Mafia-Connected  FirstWind Got $117M in Federal Loans for Kahuku  Windfarm’


Hawaii Free Press
‘Hawaii Wind  Developer tied to Largest-ever asset seizure by anti-Mafia  police’
March 28, 2011
by Andrew Walden
Paul Gaynor, CEO of First Wind 
stood comfortably with Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, Rep Mazie Hirono,  and HECO CEO Dick Rosenblum at the grand opening of the Kahuku Wind energy project on Oahu’s North Shore  Thursday.

As he should.

The Financial Times September 14, 2010 explains:

First Wind–formerly known as UPC Wind–got its start in  wind energy by launching Italy’s IVPC–a company now subject to a record  breaking asset seizure by Italian police.
Italian anti-mafia police have  made their largest seizure of assets as part of an investigation into windfarm  contracts in Sicily. Officers confiscated property and accounts valued at  €1.5bn belonging to a businessman suspected of having links with the  mafia.
[cut] continue reading:


UPC First Wind  Italy>


UPC First Wind subsidiary and affiliate Italian  Vento Power Corporation IVPC Director Oreste Vigorito has  been indicted for and criminal conspiracy and wind fraud in  Italy. 



Brian Caffyn and Peter Gish co-founded UPC that is First  Wind that formed DeepWater Wind.  UPC (Brian Caffyn) is Italian  Vento Power Corporation IVPC affiliate and subsidiary (Oreste  Vigorito), I provide this evidence from Southern CA Edison  SCE- 




Southern California Edison: 



Resolution  E-3539 specified that the following information be provided upon the creation of  a new affiliate:


New  Affiliate Name: Italian Vento Power  Corporation 4 S.r.l.

Date  this affiliate was created: March 15, 2000


Headquarters:  via  Circumcallazione

83100 Avellino, Italy Primary Officers  (Directors): Marco Ferrando, Clive Warden (EME  representatives)

James  Houston, (partners representative)

Brain Caffyn, (partners  representative)

Oreste Vigorito (partners  representative)

Contact  for CPUC: James A. Kelly, (626) 302-2284

Intended  Function: To build, own and operate wind power plants  in

Italy  for the purpose of selling electricity at a profit.



THE  TESTIMONY OF UPC: (UPC  testimony attached document)

The IVPC subsidiaries achieved an  exceptional operating record, with its wind turbines available 98.5% of the time  on a fleet-wide basis…”


UPC  Subsidiary IVPC is the focus of “Gone with the wind” investigation into failing  wind projects.  Seven IVPC projects  were seized by Anti-Mafia Police.   

By  Guy Dinmore in Financial Times, November 12, 2009

“President of Italian Wind Energy Association arrested for fraud By  Guy Dinmore in Financial Times, November 12, 2009 “Gone with the wind”, mounted  by the finance ministry’s anti-fraud police, started in 2007 and began by  blocking public subsidies worth €9.4m ($14m, £8.4m) granted by the ministry for  economic development. Last year police confiscated seven wind farms with 185  turbines in Sicily linked to IVPC. Anti-Mafia prosecutors in Sicily have  launched a parallel investigation. The  Financial Times was told in April that a large number of wind farms had been  built with public subsidies but had never functioned. Police said yesterday  they had sent requests for documentation to five foreign companies – two in the  Netherlands and three in Spain – that were linked to IVPC. Other companies in  Ireland and the UK, said to be Italian affiliates of IVPC, have been asked by  Italian authorities to provide information. Police also said they were carrying out checks  on 12 companies in Italy, including nine with company names that are variations  of IP Maestrale and which share the same street name and number as IVPC in  Avellino, near Naples.

Financial Times article (clip above)  reprint in its entirety, here: http://redneckusa.wordpress.com/2009/11/12/president-of-italian-wind-energy-association-arrested-for-fraud/

References–criminal  conspiracy indictments for wind fraud Oreste Vigorito of IVPC affiliate of UPC  First Wind-

Italian  to English translation by Google  

The  Italian  Parliament Senate  of the Republic -125- Chamber of Deputies:  (Energy from page 10 forward)





Italian  Parliament Senate of the Republic Chamber of Deputies clip that I have not  italicized, as appears-

Operation  “Gone with the Wind,” conducted by the Prosecutor of the Repub-

Republic  at the Court of Avellino and which was already required

the  indictment of five people for participation in association

criminal  conspiracy (Article 416), fraud and attempted consumed (Article 640-bis

cp)  against the State, aimed at raising finance pub-

lic  for the construction of wind farms


,  Marks the return to the scene

crime  of the unlawful purpose of exploitation of wind energy Nicastri

Vito,  along with other dell’avellinese. They, in order to obtain-

Senate  of the Republic

Chamber  of Deputies

–  126 –




See  request for a hearing of the Republic of Italy Proc n.1091 /

+803  07/09 RG News of the crime 2.11.09. Doc no. 431/1.

Page       15

black  unduly the facilities provided by Decree-Law 22 October

1992,  no. 415, converted, with amendments, by Law of 19 December

1992  n. 488, concluded fictitious transfers of surface rights or af-

land  rents for the installation of wind turbines, secondly, with the

complicity  of unfair bank officials they prepared false investigations

about  the solvency of the bank `society and those of your partners and

false  technical reports on the full usefulness of the land for farms. In

more  December the society in Sicilian Wind Srl, Cooperative Duecci a rl and Wind  South Srl, headed by Nicastri, succumbed to society Avellino

IVPC  2 Srl Sicily and Sicily IVPC 4 Srl, headed by Vigorito

Orestes,  the business units for wind power, but soon after they were pro-

learned  in bank notes of “termination” or “cancellation” of contracts af-

dense  and disposal of surface apocryphal signature of the owner of ter-

kidneys,  through which the transferee society camped a claim

force  majeure in the delay allegedly innocent state

progress  of work on time, resulting in the extension `

24  to 48 months of the date for completion of the plant.

To  these should be added that `the judicial chronicles the last months of-

The  year 2010 brought to public attention some ul-

obtain  further events related to contracts for wind energy, the DIA, in fact,

in  September seized assets for € 1.5 billion to

an  entrepreneur born in Alcamo, the lord of the wind, as defined

by  the Financial Times, fearing that even the dummy boss

Mafia  Matteo Messina Denaro.

Along  these lines also fit the events that have as

starring  a Sardinian entrepreneur, who was arrested in July 2010 on

order  of the Roman magistracy in the investigation procurement.

In  particular, the survey Sicilian investigators have recog-

constructed  map sheet of the last thirty years and found that there

a  disproportion between the possessions dall’indagato and earnings.

The  exercise of the `business is to create and

subsequent  sale of wind farms, with revenues of millionaires, considering that

each  megawatt product is sold about two million euro. Also

the  same entrepreneur was arrested in November 2009 for embezzlement

public  perception of contributions, at the end of a complex investigation

he  had brought to light a complex system of fraud against the

Finalized  the undue perception of public funds for the construction

tion  of wind farms



A  particular, that may be curious, consists in the fact that the im-

Sicilian  nominee borrower is not even a wind turbine,

as  its function the developer of wind farms, limiting

that  is, to buy land and obtain licenses from the administrative

tion  rooms, and then sell “turnkey” the wind farm.

Senate  of the Republic

Chamber  of Deputies

–  127 –




See  article on “Gazzetta del Sud” of 15 September 2010, p. 1.

Page       16

Senate of the Republic Chamber of  Deputies



The  business system, put SO standing for three phases in order

to  ensure higher profit margins and allow a high nu-

ber  of society to participate in the company. In the first stage was

site  identification, hoarding of public funds, the authorization

tions  and paperwork were satisfied with this step the

politicians  through donations needed to be successful

end  the practice legal circumstances emerged in the already mentioned investigation  ‘Aeolus’.

Then,  with the second phase, enriched local businesses, which were

contracted  earthmoving, construction of the plant and all activities

related.  In the end, once completed, the park was sold to

great  society of the North, from Germany, Denmark, from-

England,  Northern Italy, but also leading to a deal

extremely  beneficial



The  massive seizure confirmed, once again, the interest of

Mafia  in the wind, so much is that the Director of the Dia pro tempore, An-

Antonio  Pool, could say that “there are several activities on the Jun-

diziario  ensuring that they are in many areas such as alternative energy

tive  there are clear entries of organized crime ”


,  To demon-

stration  that the attractiveness of the incentives, the difficult procedures for the  award

tion  and high profitability is of the production of the final energy, attracts

interests  of the clans in the investment on wind



Finally,  it must accennarsi an investigation procurement of Roman-

the  wind farm in Sardinia which intersects with the Romagna capital trans-

Sitati  in illegally on some banks in the Republic of

San  Marino and that led to the commissioner of the credit of Ro-

magna  and enrollment on the list of suspects to 19 between officials

banks  and entrepreneurs. Among these are some lenders that in the In-

government  at the turn of 2009 and 2010 would have paid Sardinian entrepreneur

about  four million euro, in order to make investments in

renewable  energy in Sardinia


,  The group of investors Romagna

was  made ​​available to the contractor for the considerable sum

act  as a facilitator (note the unmistakable analogy with the profession

developer)  against political Sardinian



It  should be noted, finally, that in consideration

the  increasing number of illegal interference of organized crime in

the  production of wind energy, the National Directorate Anti-



during  a meeting on 20 May 2010, at which

attended  by several prosecutors district has initiated a monitoring

criminal  cases pending in various districts related to the field of e-

Senate  of the Republic

Chamber  of Deputies

–  128 –


See  article on “L’Unione Sarda” of 19 September 2010, p. 7.


See  article on “Earth” of 15 September 2010 p. 1.


See  interview with GR1 of 14 September 2010.


See  article on “Earth” of 16 September 2010 p. 3.


See  article on “L’Unione Sarda” of August 4, 2010, p. 7.


See  article on “L’Unione Sarda” of 19 September 2010, p. 7.




I  have selected this article ‘INQUIRY/WIIND…” that provides an  overview that is consistent with my evidence collected since 2008 on UPC  Limited Liability Corporations, LLC.  My evidence parallels and  matches evidence collected by 94 U.S. Citizens from New York and Vermont to  California.    These citizens have filed a complaint under the  Sherman Antitrust Act against UPC that is First Wind with the Department of  Justice.



The next  article is informative regarding Oreste Vigorito subsidiary of First Wind,  Italian Vento Power Corporation IVPC, (as well as supported by UPC testimony  attached, and Southern CA Edison evidence of the creation of this UPC affiliate  and subsidiary.


From: Green Warriors of Norway <[email protected]>
Subject: PRESS RELEASE; SALMON pandemic in NORWAY!

Message Body:
The environmental rights activist group, the Green Warriors of Norway (Norges Miljøvernforbund), started 11 April a nationwide campaign aimed at convenience stores that sell sick / infected fish. All grocery stores are targets for action when nearly all farmed salmon sold are ill and / or infected with ISA and / or PD.

There is a pandemic of PD and ISA in Norwegian salmon farms. Both diseases destroy the salmon meat. There is also a risk to buy salmon with mykobakteriose that humans can be infected by. In addition, customers will be informed by distributing brochures. This Norwegian salmon is also exported for sale in the rest of the world.


Green Warriors of Norway [email protected] via p3nlhg632.shr.prod.phx3.secureserver.net

Activists will fill shopping carts with salmon products in the stores, and leave these in the store with a sticker reading “Contains sick / infected farmed salmon.” In addition, stickers with the same text will be applied on the remaining salmon products in the freezer disk. After this, information leaflets will be distributed outside the shops.

Campaign leader Kurt Oddekalv justifies such action:

“All salmon sold are ill and / or infected without customers being informed, which I think is totally reprehensible. We have a tradition in Norway that we do not sell food that is infected with the disease. Norwegian farmers must adhere to a strict set of rules calling for slaughter and destruction of herds with dangerous diseases. Meanwhile, all farmed salmon sold in the Norwegian grocery is sick / infected without customers being informed about it. The Green Warriors of Norway have taken on the job of informing customers today. We expect the sale of sick / infected salmon hereafter shall cease. ”

For more information about the campaign, please contact Kurt Oddekalv on 90892268 / [email protected].
To receive images, contact Ane on 55306713 / [email protected]
This mail is sent via contact form on fisherynation.com https://fisherynation.com