From Lobsters To Electricity, Offshore Wind Making Everything More Expensive

National Lobster Day is a good time to look at what Bidenomics is going to do to lobsters and the $400 million lobster industry. And it isn’t good. It isn’t good for electric users’ budgets either. Biden’s 30 GWs of offshore wind is catering to the left’s rush to “end fossil fuels” (which provide 80% of our energy) is wrongheaded. It is part of a costly, unnecessary, not well-thought-out transition to part-time, weather dependent, Middle Ages technology. Only a fool ends their primary energy or food source before it is fully replaced. Offshore wind towers harm lobsters in several ways. 30,000 MW of offshore wind will take 3,000 to 4,000 800 ft towers placed at least a mile apart in all directions, 2 to 5 miles is better. Those towers take the energy out of the wind, altering weather patterns. by Frank Lasee >>click to read<< 10:50

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