Coming To America! Danish Wind Farm Operator Suffers Massive Financial Losses

Apart from literally burning cash, there is no faster way to squander money than by piling it into an offshore wind power project. It’s hardly news that the true cost of generating electricity using wind power is staggering; the cost of doing so offshore is astronomical. Instead of producing ‘free’ energy with purportedly ‘endless’ sea breezes, offshore operators like Denmark’s Orsted is delivering a tale of woe for its shareholders. The Global Warming Policy Forum reports. >click to read< 16:13

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    “The TRUTH when you finally chase it down, is almost always worse than your darkest visions and fears.” Hunter S. Thompson

    TESLA Micro Power Plants… Electric independence!!!!
    Canada has Hydro-Power…


    You want the truth??? They’re going to screw up an incredible Eco-system in multiple ways!!! Then suck every last Nickel out of it!!! Leaving a massive Ocean dumping ground… That they’ll leave for the Ocean to knock down further ruining incredible sustainable Fishing Grounds!!!

    You don’t believe it, then act like Sheep but don’t cry when they come to shear you!!!

  3. Sam Parisi says:

    After reading this why is the President in favor of offshore wind off Mass? Does not make sense .


      Sorry to say Sam, but he’s a lame Duck that can’t fly or swim… He must’ve got clipped by a WIND TURBINE!!!

  4. Sea Moss says:

    Its getting darker, SBH.
    All I hear is BAH… BAAAAHHH!! (chewing now)
    Its all over but the cryin’! Good fishin’ jobs at ORSTEAD!


    I believe that this will be far more damaging then the poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico… Of course you recall Dr. Jane Lubchenco old Corexit for short… Whatever made an Estuary Expert spray millions of gallons of poison Corexit over and under the Sea, and the Marsh areas… it’s been about a decade how many species did you take out??? Think of the insects seen many Monarch Butterflies the last 10 years??? How about migrating Birds??? Then Janies forte Estuaries, oh that’s right they’re dealing with Red Tide down there!!!
    When you have people like that in charge how’s your confidence level??? Then John Kerry why the hell didn’t you just stay home???


    How are you going protect this power??? If China decides to cut the Power Lines, how long are your Batteries going to last??? The Pipe Line hack, was a warning or a test???
    Hey Joe don’t bite off more then you can chew!!!

  7. Sam Parisi says:

    Will someone tell me were are wind farms working ,and how much is the home owner saving ?

    • - Moderator says:

      There is no benefit to ratepayers or the environment, but, hey! Its all about the wealth distribution for the good of Mankind! Its a lot of fun money for community improvement projects! Its BS.


        This is a time for resistance great resistance!!! They’re not going to retrain us like Joe’s republican Dog… I’ve had Dogs my whole life, and I’m surprised how well they judge people!!! -SBH- STANDING BYE


    We all remember the drill… Drop’em and grab your Ankles!!!
    The good old “Obama and Obiden bunny hop!!!”
    Pray for a little spit at least!!!
    I’ll never forget, nor will I ever stop reminding them!!!

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