President Trump! About our great Fishermen, our great Farmers and tariffs


President Trump, as we sit here listening to your arena chat with another strong crowd of support tonight (9-16-2019) in New Mexico, you once again brought up the nations farmers, I’d like to mention another group of outstanding, and hard working Americans, U.S. Commercial Fishermen, of whom many are your supporters that have been standing with you on the trade war.

We have heard the praise of the Miners, and the Farmers, and its time for you to praise the Fishermen.

When it comes to the fishermen I’ve heard from, they are right there with you. Other segments of the industry, perhaps, not so much.

President Trump, I am telling you what I hear them say, because they don’t always get the chance. They are working people.

I ask that you consider something I haven’t heard them ask for, the same industry aid considerations as the Farmers.

There are plenty of stories about the Canadians and their trade advantage, as the Chinese/US lobster connection is now short circuited.

The press, and their associates with connections to the various entity’s that make up the whole of the industry have been less than supportive than the fishermen themselves whom have said it was their patriotic duty to fight the trade war.

President Trump, as this situation continues to hurt New England lobstermen, they are also under assault of the environmental organizations, and their liberal press support network on North Atlantic Right Whale issues, which also include politicians that are only interested in the outcome favorable to the environmental extremists.

Fishermen on the West Coast are also facing the same issues.

The outcome preferred for all is a rock solid trade deal, where there is equity for all.

In the interim, we ask you to please extend the same economic relief to the U.S. Commercial Fisherman.