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Jacobs (fourth-generation waterman) unopposed in District 36 in the Maryland House of Delegates

“For 20 years, I feel like Annapolis has really regulated the industry, really in a way that has been very detrimental to the industry,” Jacobs said. “The first year or two I was there, it was very frustrating for me to see legislation introduced and passed by legislators who had no idea what a waterman looked like.” Jacobs said there is a lot of influence on legislators from environmental interest groups and the information they have received for the last 20 years has been “really one-sided.” Read the rest here 09:14

Maryland Right to fish bill advances after Hershey leads floor fight

State Sen. Stephen S. Hershey Jr reportedly defended the rights of commercial watermen. Jacobs said, “I introduced this bill to ensure our watermen can do their jobs without worrying about being dragged into a courtroom. Our commercial watermen should be grateful for Senator Hershey’s efforts; I heard it was a tough fight.” Read more here  20:14