ENGO Sues UK Government Over International Fishing Quotas

UK’s environmental group Blue Marine Foundation has sued the British government for setting fishing quotas above sustainable levels. The charity claims that the government has set fishing quotas for more than half of UK stocks at levels exceeding what scientists recommend. The group says that this is illegal under post-Brexit fishing law, which requires that the management of UK’s fisheries is based on the best available scientific advice. The organization estimates that the sum of annual quotas for mackerel and the resulting catches have exceeded scientific advice by an average of 44 percent since 2010. This case comes days after a report by Oceana UK released last week, revealed that industrial vessels suspected of using harmful fishing methods, such as bottom-trawling, spent more than 33,000 hours in UK’s marine protected areas in 2023. >more, >>click  to read<< 11:01

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  1. Chris Kinder says:

    Scientific Data is dead, totally incorrect, all due to the failure to police EU and other vessels. In Shetland the boats land unchecked fish direct into Lorries destined for Europe. Job done – data destroyed!

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