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Talks underway in bid to keep Plymouth fish market open

Talks are underway in a bid to keep the city’s fish market operating after Plymouth Trawler Agents ceases trading after tomorrow. Sutton Harbour Group Plc (SHG), which owns the quayside market, said it has begun discussions with potential operators. Meanwhile, alternative arrangements are being made for fishing boats to sell their catch elsewhere after the closure of Plymouth Trawler Agent Ltd (PTA), which runs fish auctions at Sutton Harbour. One insider described this as “crisis management” and Plymouth City Council spoke of its “shock” to hear PTA was wrapping up after nearly 30 years and called it “the end of an era”. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 12:40

Whitby Fishing School calls for fishermen of future to apply for next intake of maritime courses

Whitby Fishing School is calling for the young fishermen of tomorrow to take a first step towards an “exciting and rewarding” career in the fishing industry. The fishing school, based at The Mission to Seafarers building on Haggersgate, offers a variety of maritime courses aimed at preparing individuals for a career in the fishing industry. With courses ranging from Basic Sea Survival and First Aid to Skippers qualifications, the school provides a comprehensive education for students of all ages. This course is fully funded, to include training, PPE, and food/accommodation where living away from home. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 08:29

UK fishing industry to benefit from cutting-edge technology to help manage fish stocks

The sustainability of UK fish stocks will be better safeguarded through the use of technology to monitor and manage fishing activity in English waters, the government has announced today (13 May). The technology – known as Remote Electronic Monitoring (REM) – involves using camera, gear sensors and GPS units to make sure that catches are accurately recorded and fish are not unlawfully thrown back into the sea. The data captured will support the fishing industry to manage stocks sustainably and give retailers and consumers greater confidence about the sustainability of our fish. Volunteers within five priority fisheries will begin to use REM systems from this summer, with their work helping to refine the UK’s monitoring objectives and ensure the technology works for fishers. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 06:02

Fisherman remembers lives lost at sea with new day

A fisherman and RNLI crewman will be among those marking a new day of remembrance for workers killed at sea. Peter Clark, from Cullercoats RNLI in North Tyneside, is taking part in the first National Fishing Remembrance Day on Sunday to honour his missing colleagues. He said he has searched for and lost friends in the water and witnessed people’s anguish when family members do not return home from work. “A National Day of Remembrance can highlight the sacrifice these families ultimately made,” Mr Clark said. The fisherman joined the RNLI almost 30 years ago and is helm on Cullercoats lifeboat. As part of the Remembrance Day, a gathering will take place at the fisherman statue at North Shields’ Fiddler’s Green on Sunday. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 15:12

Plymouth Trawler Agents tells fishing fleet it will cease trading

Plymouth’s long-standing fish auctioneer is to cease trading this month after 29 years. Sutton Harbour-based Plymouth Trawler Agents Ltd has written to Plymouth’s fishing fleet to say its final auction will be on May 17. Owners and skippers are being urged to find other markets for their catch now. In a letter signed by company secretary Alison Pessell on behalf of the firm’s board, she said: “It is with regret and sadness that the directors of Plymouth Trawler Agents Ltd announce the company will cease trading on Friday, May 17. Our final auction, weather permitting, will be on May 17 after which you will receive your final settling in the usual fashion. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 12:03

Kirkella aims to take Flemish Cap quota in one trip

The UK’s last remaining distant waters trawler, the 81-metre Kirkella operated by UK Fisheries, is fishing on Flemish Cap, providing a British presence on these fishing grounds for the first time since 2916 – when the previous vessel to carry the same name worked there. Kirkella’s skipper Sigurbjörn Sigurðsson hopes to complete the trip on the grounds 300 nautical miles south of Newfoundland by the end of May. He and Kirkella’s mainly British crew are hoping to take their 1090-tonne NAFO cod quota before heading back to Svalbard. More, >>CLICK TO READ<< 19:50

Cornwall launches UK’s first network for young fishermen

Young fishermen in Cornwall have set up a new network to support the next generation – the first of its kind in the UK. The Young Fisherman Network aims to encourage new entrants into the industry and champion career progression for existing commercial fishermen under the age of 40. Around 60 people attended the network’s inaugural event at a net loft in Porthleven Harbour this month. The event took place at a net loft in Porthleven earlier this month. Network coordinator, Matilda Phillips, aged 21, said: “The event was an incredible way to kick start the network and it was fantastic to see such enthusiasm in the room. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 06:29

Reason why RNLI declined to give stricken trawler a tow to port except as last resort

A disabled scallop trawler was forced to jettison its fishing gear as it drifted towards shipping lanes off Anglesey. An all-weather lifeboat (ALB) from Moelfre put to sea for eight hours after answering an emergency call for from the trawler. The 14-metre vessel found itself at the mercy of the currents after suffering a mechanical failure around 12 miles north of Puffin Island. Concerned about posing a risk to ships, its crew issued a Pan Pan call – a request for urgent help while not being in immediate danger. The RNLI crew discovered the vessel’s derricks (lifting gear) were stuck down and its scallop dredges were hanging some five meters beneath the surface. These are heavy-duty metal framed nets that are pulled over the seabed to harvest scallops. Photos, more, >>CLICK TP READ<< 19:18

New documentary reveals Scottish Government believe Rockall dispute over fishing rights could be resolved

The sovereignty of the rock has been the source of a long running dispute between Ireland and the UK. The UK authorities claim Rockall is part of its territory lying within its territorial seas – a claim not recognized by Ireland. Ireland has not claimed ownership of the rock and does not recognise the British claim of sovereignty on the basis that uninhabited rocks should not be claimed by any state. The British Navy annexed Rockall in 1955 – hoisting the Union flag and cementing a brass plaque on the summit. It later sought to incorporate it into part of UK law in 1972. Video, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 08:12

Torbay RNLI assists trawler with total loss of power in heavy seas at 04:00am

On Monday 15th April 2024 at 03:23am Solent Coastguard requested Torbay RNLI launch to assist a 100-ton beam trawler who had got into some difficulties 15 miles southeast of Berry Head. She had suffered a complete loss of power. Pagers went off and our volunteer crew duly assembled at the station, changed into wet-weather gear, made ready the All-weather Lifeboat (ALB) and launched at 03:45am. Weather and sea conditions early this morning, especially 15 miles into the Channel, were challenging. Force 7 gusting 8/9, north westerly winds, and choppy seas. Loss of both engine and generator power in these conditions meant the trawler and all her associated gear, would be unwieldly and vulnerable to the turbulent and freshening conditions. She was very much what is termed a ‘dark ship’. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 16:39

Never mind the pollacks: ministerial direction signed for fishing scheme

Environmental secretary Steve Barclay has issued a ministerial direction authorising the creation of an aid package to help the South West fishing industry deal with restrictions on catching Pollack. The measures will see around 50 boat owners directly compensated because of a “zero” total-allowable-catch for the fish in Western Waters, called for by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas. The advice, which is designed to ensure long-term security of pollack, means the fish cannot be directly targeted by crews. more, >>click to read<< 13:37

NUTFA shuts down

The New Under Ten Fishermen’s Association (NUTFA), the only body dedicated to supporting small scale fishing in England and Wales, is to close down, according to director Jerry Percy. While it was always going to be a difficult decision to close, I’m not getting any younger and to be honest, I refuse to be party to what I see as the ongoing destruction of the under ten fleet,’ he said in a closing statement. ‘I think it is a tragedy that the 80% of the fleet that are under ten metres have been treated so shabbily by administrations going back decades that has in turn resulted in such a lack of fish on the inshore grounds, the almost complete lack of effective management especially in terms of effort, the deafening sound of cans being kicked down the road when exactly the opposite approach is needed, and the lip service paid to the under tens by other organisations.’Photos, more, >>click to read<< 19:35

Historic Hastings fishing boat is removed from outside the station

The clinker built boat Dorothy Melinda had been on display on an island outside Hastings railway station for the past 15 years. It was the first thing visitors to Hastings see when they arrive in the town by rail. But Hastings Borough Council said the condition of the boat was seriously deteriorating and claimed it could become a potential hazard. In addition, the lease for the roundabout, which belongs to South Eastern Rail, had expired. She was due to be removed and demolished at the end of January, due to her deteriorating state, but local man Peter Carney launched a campaign to have her restored and put on display in Hastings old Town, setting up Go Fund Me appeal. Photos, more, >>click to read<< 07:00

Floating device would likely not have saved fisherman, inquiry hears

A fisherman who fell overboard from a local whitefish trawler is unlikely to have survived even if he had worn his personal flotation device (PFD) correctly, an inquiry into his death heard on Tuesday. Edison Lacaste died after falling into the water while carrying out repairs to fishing gear on the twin rigger Copious in the early hours of 18 February 2021. The crew instantly responded to the incident by throwing a floating mooring rope but the 45-year-old Philippine national became unresponsive within two to three minutes. The second day of a Fatal Accident Inquiry held at Lerwick Sheriff Court also heard that the owners of the fishing vessel, 60 North Fishing (Shetland) Ltd, had complied with all necessary maritime health and safety requirements, and had held and recorded man overboard drills on a regular basis. more, >>click to read<< 16:17

New Design Scalloper offers Economic Operation

Although the original brief had been for a sister vessel to Eternal Light, which has been fishing successfully since its delivery in 2019 to Fraserburgh company Whitelink Seafoods, the choice went to a new design scalloper that would provide more deck and gear space, better crew conditions and greater economy. The new design, developed with Macduff Ship Design to incorporate a more efficient hull form and a new stern gear package designed to improve fuel efficiency. The 19.98-metre Eternal Promise has a beam of 7.40 metres and a fishroom capable of holding 33 tonnes of bagged scallops. This is an addition to Whitelink’s growing fleet and is designed to operate year-round in UK waters. Photos, more, >>click to read<< 09:03

Skipper recalls man overboard incident as fatal accident inquiry begins

The Skipper of a local whitefish trawler told an inquiry at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Monday how he was unable to hold on to a fellow crewman who fell overboard while carrying out repairs. The body of Edison Lacaste was recovered from the waters by the Sumburgh based search and rescue helicopter 30 miles southeast of Sumburgh in February 2021. During the first day of a Fatal Accident Inquiry into the death of the 45-year-old Philippine national, skipper of the Copious LK 985 Andrew White recalled the events that led to the tragic loss. The twin rigger was hauling its nets in the early hours of 18 February, when the crew became aware that a hammer lock on one of the wires attached to the net had failed and needed to be replaced. more, >>click to read<< 14:50

New Beamer Hits The Water

A year on from the launch of Interfish beam trawler Admiral Gordon at Parkol Marine Engineering’s facility in Middlesbrough, the yard has launched sister vessel Admiral Blake PH-440 for the same customer. The yard’s newbuild no 60, Admiral Blake was wheeled out of the fabrication shed and craned into the Tees. Sister vessel Admiral Gordon was delivered last year and was the first beam trawler over 20 metres in length to be delivered by a UK yard for more than thirty years. Photos, more, >>click to read<< 10:23

A New Chapter In Newlyn’s Fishing Legacy: Formalising The Fish Auction Agreement

In a significant development for the Port of Newlyn, the Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners (NP&HC) and W Stevenson & Sons Limited (WS&S) have finalised a landmark agreement, poised to redefine the UK’s leading quality fish auction from 1st April 2024. This formalization solidifies a longstanding and productive relationship, setting the stage for a modernised partnership aimed at bolstering the facilities and services for the Cornish fleet and the wider UK fishing industry. With the agreement set to activate on the 1st of April, WS&S will assume exclusive auctioneering rights at Newlyn Fish Market for a duration of seven years. more, >>click to read<< 10:31

ENGO Sues UK Government Over International Fishing Quotas

UK’s environmental group Blue Marine Foundation has sued the British government for setting fishing quotas above sustainable levels. The charity claims that the government has set fishing quotas for more than half of UK stocks at levels exceeding what scientists recommend. The group says that this is illegal under post-Brexit fishing law, which requires that the management of UK’s fisheries is based on the best available scientific advice. The organization estimates that the sum of annual quotas for mackerel and the resulting catches have exceeded scientific advice by an average of 44 percent since 2010. This case comes days after a report by Oceana UK released last week, revealed that industrial vessels suspected of using harmful fishing methods, such as bottom-trawling, spent more than 33,000 hours in UK’s marine protected areas in 2023. >more, >>click  to read<< 11:01

Eight crew members airlifted to safety after fishing boat sinks

Eight people have been rescued and flown to Sumburgh Airport after the local whitefish trawler Opportune sank to the east of Shetland earlier this morning (Sunday). The coastguard said the call came in at around 5am after the boat had reportedly taken in water at the stern and sank quickly. The incident happened around 36 nautical miles northeast of Bressay, in rough seas. All eight crew members from the 27-metre vessel are accounted for and are said to be safe and well. They were airlifted from their liferafts by the Sumburgh based coastguard helicopter and a Norwegian search and rescue helicopter. Other vessels in the area area also offered their assistance. Photos, video, >>click to read<< 14:52

Barrow fisherman Jack Marklew nominated for Fishing News Award

Jack Marklew, who owns a fishing business called A&J Fresh Fish Ltd with his partner Amy Farish, is in the running for ‘Under 10 Meter Fishermen of the Year’. Jack and Amy quit their jobs during the Covid pandemic to pursue making a living on fishing. After leaving a successful career as a CNC machinist and programmer, Jack bought a little boat and the pair set up their own seafood business. They now supply Walney Island shellfish, lobster, crab and a variety of wet fish to the public as well as the surrounding businesses and restaurants.  more, >>click to read<< 08:41

RNLI man is charged over death of fisherman in rescue after the grandfather’s boat was capsized during a rescue

A RNLI volunteer has been charged over the death of a grandfather whose fishing boat capsized during a rescue operation. William Murray McCubbin, 60, was pulled from the water after his vessel sank close to Port William harbour, Wigtownshire, in November 2022. His boat had become stranded on the rocks and efforts were already being made to recover it when it capsized. Mr McCubbin was taken to the Galloway Community Hospital, in Stranraer, but he could not be saved. Police have now arrested and charged a 48-year-old volunteer lifeboat crew member following a 16-month investigation. Yesterday, the family of Mr McCubbin – who was known to friends and relatives as Murray – paid tribute to him and spoke of their hope that the inquiry would provide them with answers. more, >>click to read<< 08:05

Storm Doors and Zenith Trawl – a Perfect Match

When Whitehills skipper David Lovie took delivery in 2020 of the 34-metre trawler Endeavour V, he opted for a pair of Vónin’s Storm trawl doors. “The Storm doors have proven to be powerful, highly durable and robust. Unlike our previous doors that required replacement every 12 months, we were able to use these for a remarkable 31 months before considering a replacement. Last year he travelled to Hirtshals with Vónin to observe a variety of fishing gears streamed in the flume tank, and immediately liked the look of the Zenith groundfish trawl. The outcome was an order a Zenith 572 trawl, which has met all of his expectations – and he described the Zenith trawl and 4.50m3 Storm doors as “a perfect match.” photos, more, >>click to read<< 08:57

Lifeboats and helicopter race to rescue mission off west Wales coast

Four lifeboats and a coastguard helicopter were involved in a mercy mission to a stricken fishing vessel off the west Wales coast yesterday (Friday, March 8). The five-hour operation coordinated by Milford Haven Coastguard, got underway shortly before midday when the Irish fishing vessel, the Shauna Leon, reported she was taking on water. The Wexford-registered boat, with five people on board, was 24 nautical miles north-west of Strumble Head, Fishguard. photos, more, >>click to read<< 06:53

Suffolk teenager chooses career as a fisherman to keep town’s proud tradition alive

A teenage fisherman is hoping to inspire other youngsters to follow in his footsteps after launching his own £300,000 vessel into the North Sea. Alex Wightman, 18, from Lowestoft in Suffolk still believes there is a future in fishing despite government figures showing a decline in registered fishing boats in the UK. His boat, the 10 metre-long Emma Claire, named after his mother, is thought to be the first new vessel in the town’s inshore fleet for nearly 20 years. “Anybody my age, especially coming in to the fishing industry, would absolutely die to have a boat like this.” Alex hails from a fishing family, with his brother Max, 23, and dad Steve also fishing off the east coast. Video, photos, more, >>click to read<< 06:47

‘Struggling’ UK fishermen going out of business over red tape

Fishermen on smaller boat fishing fleets catching pollack have said they are going out of business after their allowance for the species was cut to zero over concerns for stocks. The Government has launched a £6million scheme to help, with the money to be available as match-funding via grants run by the Marine Management Organisation. Fishers using hand and pole line will be fast tracked under the scheme, but pollack fishermen who are part of the smaller 10m fleet, most of whom are based in south west England have been selling their boats. They say their livelihoods have been cut off, thus ending generations of fishing in south coast communities. Photos, more, >>click to read<< 09:55

European fishermen furious as Britain ‘breaks Brexit deal’ to block them

The EU is facing pressure from Denmark and Sweden to take action against the UK in the latest dispute over fishing post-Brexit. The UK has banned catching sand eels on Dogger Bank in the North Sea – a move which could lead Denmark’s fishing industry facing a potential annual loss of €18million (£15.4million). The sand eel is crucial for the economies of both Denmark and Sweden for their uses in pig feed and fish oil. Discussions over how the EU should respond have even included imposing tariffs on UK exports if the dispute escalates to a breach of the on Dogger Bank. Other coastal states are also understood to have backed the demand by Copenhagen for the EU to stand up to London. More, >>click to read<< 16:37

Hull Lifesaving Museum to host bestselling author, fishing boat Captain Linda Greenlaw

Although the 43rd annual Snow Row takes place next weekend (Saturday, March 2), the world- famous rowing race is not the only large-scale event on the Hull Lifesaving Museum’s winter calendar. Greenlaw, the only female swordfishing boat captain on the East Coast who was featured in “The Perfect Storm” by Sebastian Junger (and in the film based on the book), will discuss her remarkable career on Saturday, March 9 at in the auditorium of the Memorial Middle School. Greenlaw wrote three best-selling books about life as a commercial fisher: “The Hungry Ocean,” “The Lobster Chronicles,” and “All Fishermen Are Liars.” She now lives on Isle au Haut, Maine, where she captains a lobster boat. more, >>click to read<< 13:01

Putin launches war on Britain’s fishermen: Russia signs off plan to ban UK trawlers from its cod and haddock-rich waters 

Vladimir Putin today declared a Cod War on Britain as he tore up fishing rights for UK trawlers that have existed since 1956. His compliant parliament ended an agreement signed by the Soviet Union allowing British vessels to fish in the Barents Sea. The move to hit Britain’s fish and chips is revenge for the UK handicapping the Russian economy with sanctions over the war in Ukraine and supplying missiles to Kyiv. It is Putin’s idea to hit at the British, says one of his closest henchmen. The 71-year-old dictator’s warships could now be used against any trawlers seeking to catch cod on Putin’s doorstep. In Moscow, the ploy is seen as a masterstroke personally decreed by Putin, hitting the Brits where it hurts. photos, more, >>click to read<< 16:54