Time to save the Right Whale from the Green-Left

Back in the sixties and seventies, “Save the Whales” was the exclusive domain of the political left. As Bob Dylan might say, “The times they are a changin.” Three major “conservative” organizations – the National Legal Policy Center, Heartland Institute, and my organization, the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow – recently filed a major lawsuit in a Washington, D.C. federal court to save the Right Whale from facing potential oblivion. Why aren’t the larger Green groups, unlike the grassroots ones, rallying around the efforts of these organizations to save Right Whales? Good question. Whales are being threatened by the Biden Administration’s fast-track plans to hurriedly place 30,000 MW of wind power generation off the Eastern coast, and doing so without the proper sort of environmental impact assessment they might otherwise perform for, say, offshore oil. more, >>click to read<< 11:11

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  1. Mike Jacobs says:

    I have said many times, that the answer to killing this monster of Windmills in Saltwater and the SCAM being perpetrated on the public and those who love the oceans as we do-is through a lawsuit and not through political parties.
    No matter how many posts I read blaming both political parties, yes there are differences, but if either party and I mean the Democrats OR the Republicans truly got behind killing this project, either party could do it!
    I’m not saying one party is not more responsible than the other, but I am telling you even if the Republican Party with their massive influence of the Supreme Court as well as controlling the House of Representatives-it could be done BUT IT’S NOT!!!!
    This is not a statement made because I prefer one party over the other, I think they should throw all these BUMS out, start with younger people with new ideas, without the visceral hatred running rampant through much of our counry and without all this luggage- and put on term limits and then we will have some assemblance of a successful government!
    Yes, we have totally dedicated heros here and there like Jeff Van Drew or Paul Katrina, but most of’s politicians are being influenced by unions to move ahead on this project to CREATE JOBS!!-that’s like creating jobs by building guillotines to cut people’s heads off!
    If you want to stop this wind turbine project IT MUST BE DONE THROUGH THE COURTS because we don’t have time to waste with all this insane politics and all of the Facebook posts, it is NOT getting us where we need to be!
    While we all preach to the choir and each other, the wind turbines and the cement bases needed AND the copper cables buried needed are all being laid into our oceans and destroying it while we argue and pray that something should CHANGE.
    The most efficient way to change it as I see it is through a lawsuit and a stop order of construction,-MY GOSH! the reasons this can be justified to STOP are IMMENSE!

  2. borehead - Moderator says:

    Thank you for your well written comment, Mike, and I appreciate it. As ironic as it may sound, you’re through the court initiative seems to be taking hold on the west coast while The Morro Bay Commercial Fishermen’s Organization and the Port San Luis Commercial Fishermen’s Organization are suing. The lawsuit asks the court to block state agencies from issuing site survey permits until a statewide plan is developed to protect fisheries from offshore wind development. I really like that and agree. I also believe this administration is destroying our oceans, among other things! Best regards!

  3. Nils Stolpe says:

    Mike – Right you are. But, in all of my years doing odd jobs for commercial fishermen I have seen damn few law suits that end up in the win column (for the industry), and too many where the folks that brought them ran out of money or out of steam. Quite simply, the bucks generally aren’t there. And then again we see “industry” efforts that end up being subsidized by the various gov’t. groups-and there are a bunch of them out there. Back in the 60s/70s that was called (among other things) being co-opted. Find an industry group that is started for all the right reasons, watch that group getting starved for adequate industry funds – and becomes convinced that to win you have to out-bureaucratize the bureaucrats, and then watch it get compromised one way or another by it’s government “partners.”

    Wash some of the gurry of a significant number of fishermen and you’re going to see a bunch of frustrated bureaucrat. C’mon, guys!!! When do I get to be president?

    One minor comment, but I’d argue this administration is far too interested in selling our oceans than it is in destroying them.

    Borehead – Right you are as well – and as usual.

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      Nils, you have been at this game for a long time my friend. You know the history, and all the garbage that goes with it. I honestly believed that for a long time the government has been looking to our oceans and coastal waters trying to figure out how to eliminate the fishing industry in order to placate their donors who know the potential value of what they see, if they could only get their hands on it.
      There’s gold in them there hills is a metaphor for those who look at our coastline, and care nothing about the death and destruction that we all know is coming. Sadly I don’t see any way to stop this, short of civil disobedience and creating unrest where it’s needed. And to do that will require good folks who are willing to risk everything for this just cause.
      Playing by their rules is a joke. Always has been and always will be.
      The final chapter of this nightmare will have those who are left holding their hands out begging for money from those who had no problem destroying their lives and way of life.
      Good luck with that. I hope I’m wrong, but the momentum is not in our favor.

      • Nils Stolpe says:

        Joel –
        Good to hear from you, my friend.

        Since the couple of years of hoopla following Magnuson’s passage has the momentum ever been in our favor?
        One of the things I find most regrettable about our current abysmally pathetic political situation is that the health of our oceans has been reduced to a political weapon by a bunch of career pols whose interests don’t extend any farther than the next election, and a bunch of voters who are too dim to realize it.


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