Lobster fishers get good weather, up and down catches

The best thing that can be said of the 2024 lobster season on PEI is the weather was good enough that many boats never missed a day on the water. That helped make up for lower catches in some areas, although the amounts coming to shore were different depending on the harbour. “The fishing was good right to the last day,” said captain Edwin McKie, who fishes out of Fortune. “It’s not going to be a year to run to the record books with, but I don’t think any of us will be at the food bank.” There was lots of spawn during the last couple of weeks, something he said bodes well for next year. As of mid-June prices were between $6.25 and $7, according to the PEI Lobster Marketing Board. That’s lower than what fishers have received toward the end of the season in most recent years. Mr Poole said it was the first time in recent memory his crew didn’t miss a single day. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 07:58

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