The death of a lobster boat sternman has sparked a bitter upheaval on the remote island of Vinalhaven,,,

Ivy LaChapelle was hardly surprised when her 28-year-old son, Roger Feltis, moved from mainland Maine to Vinalhaven, a sparsely populated island of spruce-covered coves and hardened fishermen, accessible only by ferry. “He loved the water,” she said.,, The move was like turning a fresh page: He met a girl, Jennie Candage, landed a job as a sternman on a lobster boat with a boss who liked him, and had a circle of friends. But not everyone among Vinalhaven’s tight-knit population of 1,200 was welcoming. >click to read< 09:14

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  1. Molly Mellor says:

    Daniel Landers is not, nor ever was a reputable police man. I have had my own experiences with Dan in a 2018 domestic violence case where I was victim on North Haven ME. I just requested the police report this year and am still in shock and weary if I should do something or not. The police report had MANY missing parts to it with my case. Dan also chose to turn off his body cam when arriving to the scene of the domestic abuse at my home. Dan also communicated often via Facebook which is very unprofessional and can lead to distorted situations… which it did! I know that I am not the only one who has had odd and unsecured alterations with Dan Landers. Dan should have been pressed harder and looked at more by officials before Roger’s case was closed. Dan was a poor excuse of an island cop to say the least. He definitely played buddy buddy, good cop bad cop far too often. As you can tell from multiple other interviews in this article, especially from Vinalhaven’s previous police man, so much more should have been looked at. There’s no excuse as to why details are missing and instances aren’t lining up. That starts with who addresses the situation first and what details are obtained by said person along with plaintiff, defendant, witnesses, etc. I personally believe Dan‘s lack of professionalism and also not wanting to be run off the islands caused him to not hold himself to the high standard that he should have obliged to. So heartbreaking that Rogers life was taken as the ultimate result.

    • - Moderator says:

      Thank you, Molly for sharing you inside personal perspective. Sounds like cop’s aren’t doing their job, and obviously, there needs to be a real investigation. It sounded like things were looking up for Roger. Hopefully justice will prevail in the end, but sadly, there will be no justice for Roger, or those that love him.

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