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Friday Tomfoolery with Sylvia Earle, the woman that would pass on the Pollock but would eat your Poodle!

toy-poodle_papercraftSo, Sylvia Earle, renowned Biologist, and anti fishing crusader, delivered her remarks to some of the biggest hypocrites in our history, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21). Read Weaving a Tapestry of Hope for Ocean and Earth (click here) Despite its absence from the official agenda, Dr. Earle has helped give the ocean a voice at COP21. She spoke of the importance of ensuring a future with coral reefs in conversation with Sir David Attenborough, Sir Richard Branson,,,, Click here for past Friday Tomfoolery’s  14:56

Friday Tomfoolery with WA Fisheries Minister Ken Baston “… I’ll check up on that straight away,”!

WA Fisheries Minister Ken Baston has contradicted advice from his own department, saying he would not recommend people eat fish from Cockburn Sound. More than 2,000 fish have died in the area in recent weeks and authorities are still trying to identify what caused the deaths. The Department of Fisheries had advised people not to swim or fish in affected area, but one week ago said both activities were again safe. Mr Baston said he was not aware his department had given the “all clear” for fishing. “For him not to be aware that his department had given the public the all clear to eat fish from Cockburn Sound is just extraordinary. Read the article here 11:23

Friday Tomfoolery with vegan Shadow Environment Secretary Kerry McCarthy

Members of the public should stop using the expression “fishermen” because it is sexist, according a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s frontbench team. The party’s Shadow Environment Secretary Kerry McCarthy was ridiculed (as she should’ve been) for suggesting on Twitter that Britons (I’m certain she’s a globalist) should not use the word “fishermen”. The minister, who does not eat meat but is in charge of food and rural affairs, said on Twitter that people should find a “gender neutral alternative”.  Read the article here 14:22

Friday Tomfoolery with Captain Paul Watson

Why We Need to Stop Masking the Reality of Animal Cruelty With Language – Paul Watson. For many years, I have been annoyed at some of the terminology used in our societies in reference to our brutal treatment of animals. The first word that needs to go is the word “harvest,” when used in reference to the killing of animals. And he’s off! So begins a journey into the things that just piss him off, to the point of scorn such as sustainable fisheries, for there is no such thing! Sometimes the word “fish” is replaced by the word “product.”  Read the rest here 12:11