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Letter: We must work together to preserve fishery, industry – Richard Beal, Gloucester

When I started fishing, everywhere you went you could see boats. They were of all types and sizes, domestic and foreign. There were no regulations. The only limitation on you was how hard you could physically work. It was a free-for-all, the Wild West revisited.  Now I go fishing days and often don’t see another commercial fishing boat. It’s been my generation of fishermen that has bridged the gap from what was to what is. From an unregulated, volume-based industry to one that is highly regulated and quality oriented. I believe there has been more changes in my lifetime than in all of the industries prior history. click here to read the letter 09:48

Fish Tales: When will Beal use his handmade net?

Beal NetIn the interregnum between the golden days of late October and wintry onset of early November, Richard Beal built a new flounder trawl net for the Explorer II. By hand, by himself. An assembly line of one. “I can trust this net,” he said.  Read the rest here 08:48