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Salt of the Sea screens for students at Murie Science Building, University of Alaska Fairbanks

The screening of the movie  was produced and directed by filmmaker Tom Garber. “Salt of the Sea” is a story about what it takes to be a fisherman out in the open seas of New England and how governmental policies, economics and courage pushed fishermen to their limits and beyond. [email protected]  23:57

Salt of the Sea Video Trailer

Filmed aboard several independently owned/operated commercial fishing boats in the Northeast, Salt of the Sea juxtaposes the working fishermen’s perspective on regulations with key players in Federal fishery management. Topics include NOAA’s lost $48 million scandal, inaccurate Cod fish quotas, and overzealous enforcement. http://www.saltofthesea.tv/salt-of-the-sea-trailer.html   www.facebook.com/saltofthesea

Salt of the Sea