Few assurances for fishermen in federal offshore wind approval

Offshore wind developers have assured the commercial fishing industry all along that the thousands of massive turbines that they want to install in the ocean up and down the East Coast won’t block fishermen from waters where they make their living. But the final approval issued this week for Vineyard Wind 1, the nation’s first major offshore wind farm, offers few guarantees to commercial fishermen. Take for instance this passage from the Army Corps of Engineers in the Record of Decision for the 62-turbine project that would be built off the coast of Rhode Island and Massachusetts: “While Vineyard Wind is not authorized to prevent free access to the entire wind development area, due to the placement of the turbines it is likely that the entire 75,614 acre area will be abandoned by commercial fisheries due to difficulties with navigation.” >click to read< 16: 36

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    The Wind Turbines are one thing, but the Power Lines are a totally different issue hundreds of thousands of VOLTS… Block Island lines run between 30 to 40 thousand Volts… The article speaks of Squid dying from exposer from stray electricity and electro-magnetic fields…
    Don’t forget the Sand Lance, sand and silt dwellers… Like the Squid, Sand Lance are a major Forage Fish for Birds to Whales…
    Keep in mind the European Wind Farms have never seen a Major Whale MIGRATION!!!
    Hey Max excuse me Mr. Strahan how will your beloved WHALES fare mega acres fields of Electro-Magnetic Fields and stray Electricity???

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