Elda Curtis Henry, followed in his Commercial Fisherman fathers footsteps, has passed away

Family and friends are mourning the loss of “Curt,” since he passed away in Eureka in the presence of his family.,, After graduating Arcata High School in 1964, he married Eloise Henriksen of Fortuna. Curt followed in his father’s footsteps to become a commercial fisherman, and when his father retired, he and Eloise also took over the family business of Henry’s Crab Traps. Curt continued to fish for Dungeness crab, salmon and tuna along the entire West Coast from as far as Tahiti to Alaska. Over the many years of his career, he owned and operated the CavalierEarly DawnCompass Rose and The Jewel. He taught his older sons, Rodney and Jeffrey, along with his nephew, Raymond, to fish when they were in their teenage years. In 1991 Curt met his second wife, Carolyn. Together they ran a successful bed and breakfast at East Brother Light station in Point Richmond, Calif. After some time, he returned to fishing, and they also divorced. >click to read< 17:02

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