Sundance Award-Winning Film CODA Filmed in Gloucester

Paul Vitale of Gloucester has been fishing off his boat, the F/V Angela Rose for 24 years. Most of the time, these days, he heads out to sea alone. Then, in the summer of 2019, a movie crew came to town. “All of a sudden you have the actors, the interpreters, the producers, the cameramen—all these people are on the boat,” Vitale says. “It was a little overwhelming, but not in a bad way.” Vitale and his boat weren’t the only locals to find their way onto the screen. The city harbormaster appeared in the film, as did local businessman Sam Parisi. The state fish pier, a city elementary school, and a popular harborside watering hole all served as shooting locations,, The movie’s title is an acronym for “child of deaf adults,” >click to read< 10:28

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  1. Sam Parisi says:

    The actors were great we got to meet them ,here at my dock and apartment on Gloucester waterfront .The crew was here a week a nd shot here at my fish plant ,Iam in the movie giving them the keys to my fish plant .We got paid well and the City did well to .

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