An original song by Paul “Sasquatch” Cohan, Christmas In Gloucester

An original song by Paul “Sasquatch” Cohan celebrating America’s Oldest Seaport, Gloucester Massachusetts. Sasquatch covers the vocals and guitar, John Hicks plays mandolin and bass, Ev Harlow did the video. Special thanks to Joey at Good Morning Gloucester for some of the images. Merry Christmas Cape Ann! Posted by Everett Harlow, Dec 11, 2011, >click to watch video<, and listen! Merry Christmas to all! 08:25

3 Responses to An original song by Paul “Sasquatch” Cohan, Christmas In Gloucester

  1. Jim Kendall says:

    Always “The Original”! Thanks for the Christmas reminder Paul. Good to see that you’re still in the game.
    Merry Christmas!
    Jim Kendall

  2. Jim Kendall says:

    While wishing “Sasquatch” a “Merry Christmas”, I realized that there are many more people out there that I’d like to offer the same wishs to;
    “Merry Christmas” & “Happy Holidays” everyone!
    Jim Kendall

  3. - Moderator says:

    Jim, I really appreciate you talking the time to say Seasons Greetings to us all, and I am sorry I didn’t respond yesterday. As you know, I exist in chaos, and my loving relatives were sure to step the chaos up a few octaves! Thank you, Jim, and we all wish you a wonderful Christmas with your family, and loved ones! BH

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