Fishermen drive trenching support vessel out of Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm

The International Offshore Wind Farm media is outraged! Too bad. Trenching support vessel Aethra was forced to leave the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm,,, The Aethra was deployed on the site when a large number of fishing boats surrounded the vessel. The fishermen then proceeded to breach the 500-metre safety zone around the Aethra, fire distress flares, and threaten to board the vessel and sabotage the propulsion and hurl insults at the captain of the Aethra via VHF, according to Préfecture maritime de l’Atlantique. >click to read< 11:01

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  1. Joel H says:

    Like I said yesterday. Civil disobedience. These European fishermen take no shit from anyone.
    Meanwhile here….Nero fiddles while our Atlantic coastal communities burn.

    • - Moderator says:

      The French show resistance, and are determined. The Irish form a flotilla to sail up the Lilly in a massive protest, and appeal to the public. The British are outraged at Brexit Betrayal, and here? lol! Here there doesn’t seem the need for militancy, considering many that claim opposition support the ones imposing this absurdity.


    I can picture the smile on your face Joel!!!
    You might find a cup of Tea on LD 101…
    The O.C. NJ GANG NEEDS TO GET THE OLD STOCKS back out in the COMMONS with wind powered spankers ta BOOT!!!
    Littering miles of vital sustainable fishing bottom with unshielded EMF producing High Voltage Power Lines is criminal!!! Unshielded High Tension wires require a minimum of 1/4 mile to be EMF safe from a Dwelling!!! The Ocean bottom is not just sand, gravel, mud, and rock!!! Trillions of Sea Creature call the ocean and it’s bottom HOME!!!
    America has minimal experience with Wind-Turbines buyer beware!!!

    • Joel H says:

      I’ve heard American testosterone is at an all time low. I’m beginning to believe it.


        I don’t know about the Testosterone. There are some old med.s resurfacing that could explain a lot though… Have you heard of the NEW “Koolaid” Lab created or Organic your choice Doctor prescribed over the counter!!! The recent nuance name is “Entheogen”
        Buyer beware

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