The RNLI is now a taxi service for human traffickers in the Channel migrant crossing crisis

They’re undoubtedly one of my favourite charities. And while I celebrate the bravery of the RNLI in that they’ll risk their own lives to save anyone irrespective of colour, creed, age or nationality, I’m not sure I’m supporting the Lifeboat Charity so they can act as an escort service for the French Navy in its abject failure to do its duty. That task seems to have fallen to them on a daily basis now the Channel migrant crossing crisis has reached a never before seen high point. Last week definitive proof arrived that when it comes to patrolling their borders and preventing vile people traffickers plying their dubious but ridiculously lucrative trade across one of the busiest shipping lanes on the planet, the French don’t have a Clouseau. >click to read< 09:54

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