Thanks Danny, The truth about Carlos Rafael hurts so I had to say something!

The yack coming from the waterfronts of New England is, the article written by Danny McDonald, “Carlos Rafael and His Fish Are the American Dream”  has pissed off quite a few people, and who could blame ‘em? Maybe you didn’t get a chance to read it, because the other fishery websites, for some strange reason, never posted it, avoiding it like the plague. Read the article(linked) if you haven’t already. continued here

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  1. “To be, or not to be” as the Prince of New Bedford took the Scarface vernacular a little too seriously, again re-confirming that we should not take him too seriously with statements such as this that undermine his credibility, “he estimates he’s losing a couple of million each year.” Goodness are we to believe after having more then a little tax trouble in the past, maybe he should have retained a good English speaking accountant who would came down to the sorting table and said, “hey Prince, maybe this fishing thing of yours ain’t working out too well lately and you should start selling out before the government puts you out of business…maybe stay at home, plant tomatoes during the day and watch reruns of the Deadliest Catch at night and put your money into day trading Apple and Google stock instead of groundfish permits?” Then the Prince of New Bedford in the next act with Shakespearean bravado and chest pumping, “I was built for this country”…..bravo, bravo…. but by very questionable means is this a Horatio Alger “rags to riches” fishermen success story. The Prince fails to understand that like any immigrant who gets on a plane, boards a boat, jumps a fence, or swims to our shores here in America, respectfully both in actions and his words, works hard to make a better life for themselves, family and their community, plays by the rules, rules put in place by those who were born in this country. The Prince exhibits such hubris that he comes off more like a Russian Oligarch then a “Warren Buffett like capitalist” with this, “Rafael is currently railing against the lobbying effort of the smaller New England groundfishermen who he says are trying to put a cap on the amount of permits one individual can own.” What is one to think after reading this piece that for the Prince, “the groundfish industry is his oyster” and that other fishermen, many long time multi-generation, the well thought of traditional New England – small family owned fishing business, are now thought of as “mosquitoes on the scrotum of an elephant?” Ah, but the dockside eloquence of soliloquy from the Prince who tries to comes across as another poor sap trying to make a living juggling ’57’ groundfish permits. Maybe someone should explain to him what the Tony Montana Scarface sketches illustrate, and the Cliff Notes version is a caricature of someone who gained enormous riches, but by the most ruthless and unsavory means against others, and in the end similar to Prince Hamlet in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, ultimately meets his fate….“that’ll be a fight to the death.” How apropos with the rousing roar coming from the Prince of New Bedford, and the display of the Tony Montana caricature within his kingdom. Eerily it is so symbolic of the fate of the protagonist as it plays out in the last acts of a tragedy.

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