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 “A real inconvenient truth”

Your snide and disingenuous remarks about US fishermen thinking the US taxpayer covering the bill for observer coverage is a nice ploy Mr. Shelly. You guys are so slick at pitting the general public against your favorite fund raising target.(commercial fishermen)


Why don’t you explain to your kool aid drinking followers how the federal Gov/NOAA/NMFS/ or whatever they call themselves today have been stealing the import duties on foreign seafood from the Saltonstall Kennedy act that are supposed to go to the industry to support and pay for things such as observers. Talk about an inconvenient truth. Or perhaps how yours and the host of other ENGO’s are funded by big oil and their minions who are looking to rid themselves of those pesky little food producers who happen to be in the way of their and your plans of ocean conquest and industrialization! Another inconvenient truth. Or how those import tariffs on foreign seafood  have been stolen for years used to bolster the budget of the over regulating bureaucracy known as the Dept. of Commerce, who runs NOAA and the National Marine Fisheries Diservice. How many tens or hundreds of millions of dollars has this added up to over the years? This would be a great project for your outcome based numbers crunchers. Or how we as a nation are now importing 93% of the seafood consumed by our citizenry. God forbid we reduce our dependence on foreign fish! Fish that by the way come from nations that practice little or no conservation measures at all. My God man, do you realize what the consequences to the amount of foreign fish import duty dollars that are being stolen would be?

Christ if you let those American fishermen go to work and earn a living catching American fish and selling them to the American consumer, the stolen seafood import duty funds would perish, and the need for fishermen to get any government money woild go away! God forbid!

Wake up people you are being duped by these white collar so called conservationists. Remember, it’s got nothing to do with conservation. It’s all about control of food and money. Don’t be sheep. Follow the money trail.


“Connect the dots”, “Follow the Money” and all that…

Oceana was established in 2001 by a group of leading foundations — The Pew Charitable Trusts, Oak Foundation, Marisla Foundation (formerly Homeland Foundation), and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

—Pew Foundation as most people now know is the Joseph N. Pew (Sunoco Oil) fortune, with holdings in Exxon Mobil and other major oil companies.

—Oak Foundation was started by Alan M. Parker the current President of Government Group of ENERGY SOLUTIONS, INC a natural gas consulting firm.

—Marisla Foundation is the Getty Oil fortune.

—And Rockefeller? The Rockefeller Bros. Foundation: Standard Oil and Exxon Mobil should ring a bell.

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Letter to the editor of Fishery Nation,

Fishermen In Alaska Should Be Nervous As A Dartmouth College Girl About Community Fishing Associations Acting Like The New Nice Guy In Town

Yes the new nice guy in town is the Community Fishing Association. Forget about past transgressions and the screwing those other unfortunates have gotten at the hands of this monster he has been re-branded with a squeeky clean image and an attitude that says, “I am just here to help you and pay attention to your needs.” So right about now there is a lot of free drinks, some light touching and joking around, and plenty of attention. Sadly many of us already know how this ends, but that’s okay because statistically 95% will not speak up, and of the 5% who do, only a pathetic 2% will be believed. So when you wake up crying don’t immediately blame yourselves as so many are inclined to do. Because this guy knows exactly how to take it all from you, there is a virtual playbook written by those who have done it before.

To put it bluntly, the majority of you are about to be raped. The lawyers, liars, and lobbyists headed your way are going to take you for everything you’ve got and if you’re lucky, lease it back to you for an exhorbitant price. If what happened in New England is any indication it is likely to be a screwing of biblical proportions that no amount of letters to Penthouse will ever do justice. Those of you that complain will get it the worst, and the ones who cooperate will become finger puppets used as weapons against your fellow fishermen in order to get more of what is theirs. The money shot is a large donation from the PEW Charitable Trusts financing anti-fishing campaigns that turn you against each other. Once that gets in your hair it isn’t easy to wash out.

So please be warned and take the time to really look at the Community Fishing Associations that are being presented as role models. Look past the carefully created image they have spent a fortune to fabricate. When those nice folks got extra quota awarded to them it came from the shattered hopes and dreams of so many others. When they mount media campaigns bashing other fishermen, people get hurt, and it still goes on today. One only need listen to those who represent CFA’s at fishing council hammering away on fishermen who have done nothing but try to make a living. There is no such thing as extra, when you take from others it may make you a success but it surely doesn’t make you a nice guy. There is a very good reason these folks want CFA’s in place before any more quota systems are developed. They want to be there when the wealth of ALaska’s future is divided to ensure they get a chance to take as much as possible and a legal way to buy up the rest, preventing industry consolidation by gathering it into their own hands.

Fishermen have always been an honest, (Barring fishing stories of course) and hard working group. So when all they have worked for is taken from them, the majority won’t shed any tears, but even the toughest of men, and the hardest of hearts are softened by the tears of hungry children whose hopes and prospects have been taken as well. Or even the tears of a cherished daughter who can no longer afford a good education at a safe college and is forced to go to a “Rapey” one instead.

Barnacle Bill

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Line item needed to restore crab

I got many endorsements of my recent letter on Kodiak’s besotted advisor selection and the demise of the King Crab Capital of the World. Emails rolled in and the phone rang constantly. The letter made a national website for, as one commenter noted, “sleeping with the enemy.”The Board of Fisheries recently approved my proposal to wisely shut down hard on bottom trawling in all state waters around Kodiak.It is clearly time for the borough and city managers to get behind funding a solution to getting back our crab Capital crown.

A few years ago, local officials abetted a line item of $28 million for a new Alaska Department of Fish and Game building. I’d like elected officials to ask for $2 million to undo some of the trawler damages to crab stocks; plus another $20 million for the restoration program to seriously rebuild crab fisheries.

Can you legitimately tell us that it is cheaper to build bureaucracies and

obligate the state to pensions and benefits than to start thinking in terms of greater annual tax revenues from fishing businesses?

Lu Dochtermann, FV North Point

Read more: Kodiak Daily Mirror – Line item needed to restore crab

Hiring choice questioned

The city of Kodiak and the borough just approved the ultimate insider – one who has long represented such huge trawl interests as the at-sea factory trawlers, who do nothing for our local economy – to be the new fisheries adviser.  One wonders why Heather McCarty would even take a mere $30,000 position in a community far from where she lives.

Further, how can the wife of a major federal fishery council voting member — Dr. James Balsiger, Alaska regional administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service — not be compromised while aboard at Kodiak?

Sure she is talented, likeable and qualified.  Making a living off our federal fisheries has been her major lobbyist income for well over a decade. But that’s no excuse for letting Kodiak’s guard down.

Mel Stephens was right when he expressed serious concerns about the selection process.  Louise Stutes was right when she questioned whether McCarty will be likely to represent all fishing sectors in Kodiak, because she is employed as a lobbyist for Pacific Seafoods Inc., employment she’ll drop if chosen.

Stepping down is not sufficient.  Council expertise alone is not sufficient.  Qualifications start with a long-term look at one’s integrity and overall ethics, in the light of money made and former clients served well.

I get along with Heather, too.  But I and other longliners do not want her to represent our concerns, specifically because they run counter to the large processors and bottom trawlers who cared not for our crab and halibut.

In 2013, the midwater and bottom trawl fleet in the Bering Sea took over 7 million pounds of our halibut as bycatch dumped overboard as ‘deadloss.’

Ten years ago, the halibut fixed gear fleet quota for area 4 — Unimak Pass to Attu and the entire Bering Sea — was 15.4 million pounds.  However, the trawl fleet had a halibut bycatch deadloss of 7 million pounds. Yet, in 2014, area 4 halibut quota is only 3.4 million pounds.

We now get one-fifth as much to supply USA consumers, while the trawlers keep killing twice that much, year in and year out.

Kodiak was once the King Crab Capital of the World. Congratulations to our elected officials for making us the Hard on Bottom Trawl Capital of the World. The next joint budget item ought to be a new sign at the airport, so all of America will celebrate what you have done.

Lu Dochtermann, F/V North Point

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Submitted to City Council today, prior to their attempting to quickly remove two more vital properties from the Designated Port Area:
To whom it may concern,
                I believe it was almost two years ago when I first became aware there was corruption at work in Gloucester. At that time, I wrote a letter to the editor of the Gloucester Daily Times, “Wake up, Gloucester”, because it was clear to me the City had “made a deal” with developers against the will of the people.  At the time, I thought it was just an effort to land grab, which is part of the plan, but I have since learned, for certain, there is a far greater Evil operating here.
                State and City government, coordinated with media, developers and bureaucrats are being used to systematically destroy the fishing industry, working waterfront, ecosystems and community of Gloucester, Massachusetts, in support of corporate privatization and sale of our Ocean. The original, afore-mentioned, proposed development is designed to destroy everything around it, proven scientifically with the “Godfrey Report”, and still to this day, no governmental agency has intervened to stop it. This further demonstrates government involvement in this corruption. There may be some of you who are being manipulated to believe you are helping the economy of Gloucester, which is part of the reason I write this letter, to allow a final opportunity to remove yourselves from the corruption, for YOUR own good.
                I request a full investigation, on every level, on behalf of the safety and well-being of the citizens of Gloucester, their homes and businesses.  I also request you cease all actions related to destruction of the working waterfront and gentrification of Gloucester until these investigations are complete. Myself, and my associates would be happy to provide the volumes of evidence and testimony we’ve gathered to investigators. For any Federal, State or City official to read this and not take action to prevent this corruption, holds you, morally, and your office financially responsible for the damages that appear destined for what was once, and should remain the proudest fishing port, and community in the world.
Thank you for your wise consideration, James A. Tarantino 26 Fort Square Gloucester, MA 01930


Dear Senator Warren,

I personally do not share your optimism about our individual, yet collective futures. Every day fishermen are sinking deeper into debt. Every day more fishermen are forced to come to the conclusion that they will have to sell the boat just so they can come up for air.pcohan

The point that seems to escape those who feel that “you guys can just go pound nails for awhile until things rebound” is that our hammer is our boat, and a boat can’t support itself in any other manner than that for which it was built – fishing.

I’ve always said that “any day that you don’t make money with your boat, you lose money with your boat”. So what the financial equation boils down to is simple – how much money do you have to lose?  Because that’s the measure of how long you’ll be able to hold out. How far behind in your dockage, insurance, maintenance, mortgage, credit (debt), and emotional stability can you get before you’re forced to pull the plug, or someone else does? No Senator, we have never been confronted with a crisis of this depth before. Nor have we ever experienced such a callous, even contemptuous, attitude by those in government who are supposedly in positions of stewardship.

Do you realize who are going to be the beneficiaries of these “sustenance crumbs” which have fallen under NOAA’s banquet table will be?

The consultants, the grant writers, the lawyers who represent the consultants and grant writers, basically, the chiselers.

There is nothing here for the fisherman whose boat has set idle for months and will continue to do so until the bank repo man shows up. The fact of the matter is that the only reason why the bank hasn’t already foreclosed is that they don’t want anything to do with any “asset” that they can’t turn over at a profit, especially one which is now costing them money every day and that they have no hope of selling, because without a fishery there is no market for fishing boats!

So far The Federal Government from the bottom right on up to, and including the tippity top, have turned a blind ear and a deaf eye to our urgent predicament. Is federal relief policy in reality “too big to fail, too small to bail”?

In short, which admittedly, this response has been anything but, We need a buy-out for those who want out, and low interest debt consolidation loans combined with stabilization grants for those who want to stay in. This should be funded by SK money which NOAA along with congressional blind oversight, has been embezzling for decades We are currently in the midst of what amounts to a regulatory fishery shutdown, although no-one wants to own up to it, and desperately needed, immediate financial relief must be prioritized and fast tracked to keep us afloat until such time as we can convene a congressional inquiry into just how we got into and, more importantly, how to get out of this black hole of fisheries management.

On behalf of my colleagues, I thank you for your concern and activism on our behalf, and hope that you may view this disaster in a different light after having read this, that is, of course if you actually did!

Captain Paul Cohan, F/V Sasquatch, Gloucester, Ma.



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Alaska Crab Quota Owner Found Alive after 8 Years of Catch Shares and Two Days Overboard

The US Coast Guard rescued an original shareholder of Alaska king and opilio crab fishermen today, who survived for two days floating off Dutch Harbor.  Sealord Ivan Fiodor Qualify, known in the fleet as “IFQ” had also won the most recent Flagstaff, Arizona amateur golf competition.  He said he could not wait to get back to his armchair, collect leases, and further his addiction to watching Golf on ESPN.

Ivan had been aboard his own vessel, F/V THANKS JANE, on sea trials, and claims he fell overboard while sitting against the rail and laughing so hard that when he gagged and stood up straight, he fell backwards.  The crew has been arrested on suspicion of failing to save a man overboard.  But each of them claims no one saw a thing, despite Ivan the sealord saying the last thing he was telling the crew was how much Crab Ratz allowed him to “legally” charge for lease fees before paying crew for the catch, and how stupid they were for not getting original shares by going along with the privatization game 15 years ago while Ted Stevens was alive and promising them he’d give away the resource to a few people.

In their version, the crew said they were in the galley eating cake and that Ivan said he was going out on deck to take a pee.  One crewman thought a whale had bumped the boat while Ivan was on deck and speculated in hindsight that it must have caused Ivan to fall over the rail.  The crew was scheduled to bunk down, and it was Ivan’s turn at the helm, so no one missed him for many hours, until another crewman’s watch clock alarm went off so he could take a turn at the wheel.  When they didn’t find Ivan in the wheelhouse, the crew wasn’t concerned, as that had happened many times before and Ivan was known to lock himself in his stateroom and snort lines of milk sugar – a habit he picked up as a baby when he spilled his formula mixture right after his mother weaned him.

Ivan said he stayed alive by the pure luck of finding a large black plastic buoy that was Japan tsunami flotsam, apparently used for high seas fishing, as he held onto his quota license in a passport case around his neck.  He kept repeating, “I got to live, as I still have to find Jane Lubchenco and give her a big sealord recipient kiss!”

When the crew was advised by officials that he was located, and alive, they didn’t seem to care much about Ivan.  One said, “Maybe next time Neptune will get him.” Another said, “He’s kind of a mean old cuss and likes to be at sea, and always complains about how lousy his home visits are, how greedy his kids are and more.  I am sure they’ll be glad to have poppa back home soon.”

Maybe next time, as the catch share game ain’t over until the fat lady runs the boat and sings in her wheelhouse.

Har har


Thanks Danny, The truth about Carlos Rafael hurts so had to say something!

From the Moderator

The yack coming from the waterfronts of New England is, the article written by Danny McDonald, “Carlos Rafael and His Fish Are the American Dream”  has pissed off quite a few people, and who could blame ’em?

Maybe you didn’t get a chance to read it, because the other fishery websites, for some strange reason, never posted it, avoiding it like the plague.

Read the article if you haven’t already.

Carlos Rafael is talking about mosquitoes, elephant balls, and fishing, which isn’t unusual,,,,,

Rafael is currently railing against the lobbying effort of the smaller New England groundfishermen who he says are trying to put a cap on the amount of permits one individual can own.

“They are like mosquitoes on the balls of an elephant,” he says of the smaller operations in the port. “Biting, biting, biting, until finally [the government] is going to say fuck off, we got to do something.

”Sensing a significant shift in fishing rules before 2010, he horded fishing permits that would allow his boats to catch more product, spending $10 million on them. He now uses 57 permits to operate 15 full-time groundfish vessels called draggers and five part-time draggers. He operates the groundfish fleet at a loss—he estimates he’s losing a couple of million each year—but he’s still better off than the folks who only have less than a handful of permits.

“The maggots screaming on the sidelines, they’re done. They can scream all they want. Nobody can save them,” he says.

They’re screaming anyway. Smaller fishermen want federal regulators to change the rules, saying it unfairly benefits the large operations like Rafael. This pisses him off. Why should he be punished for his business acumen, he asks?

All of a sudden there’s this “in your face” information from the guy that refers to himself as “The Codfather”.

I’ll bet some people were probably even hurt reading this.

One would wonder what third, fourth generation fishermen, real fishermen, were thinking when they read that trash talk crap.

I wonder what all the Fleet diversity people think? You know, the “Who Fishes Matter’s” people?

Anyone that has lost his balls should be insulted, and that’s a lot of gelding fishermen walking around broke with nothing.

The article brings up that “us against them”, the “haves and the have not’s”. “Wall Street vs Main Street”, the “99% vs the 1%” shit.

Carlos Rafael can brag about his business acumen, but, I have to wonder, with his purchased majority stake in the ground fish industry is this the reason that a crew can bust their asses to bring in a trip of fish with a gross stock of twenty grand, and a fuel bill of sixteen grand to cover, with shit left over to share up?

Let alone money to do maintenance, or God forbid, preventative maintenance!

He told us he’s a slick, ruthless, winner take all business man.

Who knows, maybe he’s doing some of that forward selling stuff that takes the guesswork out of how much the fish will fetch, and avoiding the auction, creating a market condition of volatility for the smaller guys because his fish, and all the imported stuff have made buyers content, keeping prices low, are causing more contractions and pain that will push more out of the business, leaving him in the position to buy another permit.

When I think of the traditional New England fisherman , I think of a guy that owns a boat that is crewed by other independent self employed fishermen, and combined, they represent the ultimate free enterprise venture that has been a century’s old working model of risk taking, and profit sharing.

I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about the multi boat fleets because  when you advocate for the industry, you do it for the industry,

It is an industry that has been diverse in it’s collective make up of inshore/offshore boats, day boats, trip boats, and fleet boats, so by proxy, you advocate for a guy you wouldn’t waste your time launching a dredged from the gut, dripping loogey on.

You know the guy that has boats with secret compartments on his boats, and a robust reputation?

Rafael is a cutthroat capitalist who is perpetually at war with someone: regulators, competitors, environmentalists. He battles, forever with an eye on his profit margin.

Rafael says the groundfish industry will be completely wiped out by next year. He says that only a fifth of those currently in business will still be around by the end of 2014.

Then I start thinking about guys like Russell Sherman, who spent a lifetime busting his ass, and he’s about to unceremoniously be destroyed because of a perfect storm of circumstance from every possible direction.

I’ll let the guy that said he was made for this country finish up.

“I’m still making money.”

“Read my lips: fuck you”


————————————————————————————————————— Editorial: The Great Atlantic Sturgeon Debacle

This Sturgeon debacle should serve as a pretty clear indication of how our fisheries “management” system works, or more to the point, how it doesn’t work.

How, by any stretch of regulation protocol, methodology, or just plain ol’ administrative integrity, can NOAA declare a species to be endangered without an assessment?  Perhaps NOAA’s luminous legal department, Lois Schiffer, could give us the “legal” justification for that one— of course, as long as it’s not attorney-client privilege, or National Security classified (we certainly wouldn’t want any terrorist fishermen getting their fishy hands on that info).

What is clear about this matter is the fact that NOAA is cowed and manipulated and directed by law suit threats from the ENGOs more than by what is actually occurring in the ocean.

This is something that can be witnessed at New England Fishery Council meetings when Pew and Conservation Law Foundation lawyers arrogantly scold the council and threaten law suit consequences during the public comment period. Threats that if the council votes contrary to the wishes of Pew, EDF, CLF, Oceana, etc. there will be “consequences”. In the case of the Sturgeon law suit brought by the National Resources Defense Council, do you suppose that the then Secretary of Commerce, John Bryson, a founding member of the NRDC might have also had something to do with the endangered Sturgeon decree?

And as the ENGO World Turn’s, Oceana Inc. has filed suit against the National Marine Fisheries Service over Observer coverage!


DENIAL, DELUSION AND NMFS STILL  DOESN’T KNOW ITS NAME:   The third “Managing  Our Nation’s Fisheries” conference was held on 6-9 May, 2013 in Washington,  DC.  Titled, “Advancing  Sustainability,” the national event, sponsored this time by the Pacific Fishery  Management Council, is in preparation for the upcoming Congressional  Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation & Management Act (MSA)  reauthorization, a law set to expire in September of this year.

The conference  included personnel from the eight regional fishery management councils, along  with officials from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and its  regions, academics, fishing representatives and fishermen, and foundation and  environmental organization representatives. It also attracted attention from  Capitol Hill with both Senator Mark Begich (D-AK), Chair of the Senate Commerce  Subcommittee on  Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries & Coast  Guard, and Representative  Doc Hastings (R-WA), Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, on hand to  outline what their Committees are planning in the way of hearings on  reauthorization. Rep. Hastings indicated his desire to finish MSA  reauthorization this session; the past three reauthorizations have been decadal  events since the Act’s passage in 1976.

This conference was  regarded as an improvement over the last one, held in 2005, with a wider variety  of speakers with divergent views, including “Deadliest Catch” Captain Keith  Coburn (F/V Wizard). Coburn,  co-keynoting the event, told participants that climate change is real, based on  what he’s witnessed in the Bering Sea. This will be an interesting message for  that show’s largest viewer demographic, many of whom are still “climate change  deniers.”

The day prior (6 May)  to the conference opening, the Pew Environmental Group held a Capitol Hill  briefing on the Magnuson Act (MSA), talking about the successes achieved as a  result of the 1996 and, particularly 2006, language changes to the MSA, that  explicitly ordered a stop to overfishing, requiring the implementation of annual  catch limits and rebuilding plans for overfished stocks, and required fishery  management plans be science-based. For more, see “Despite gains, more challenges ahead for U.S.  fisheries” in the 4 May Washington Post, at:

   Indeed, there was a  great deal of chest-beating by conference organizers about how successful the  MSA has been, with claims that U.S. fisheries are now the “best-managed” in the  world.  However, the changes made to  the MSA in the past two reauthorizations were primarily the result of the  efforts of the Marine Fish Conservation Network, along with groups such as Pew.  The 2005 MONF conference had little bearing on the following year’s  reauthorization or the biological successes in ending overfishing and rebuilding  stocks achieved thus far under the Act.

Despite these  biological success there is still a clamor on the Atlantic and Gulf to roll back  the 2006 language to provide more “flexibility” in managing stocks.  And there is increasing concern over how  the stocks are being allocated, with the creation of mini-oligarchs under the  individual fishing quota or catch share programs. These programs have cost jobs,  siphoned off dollars from fishermen and fishing communities alike into the  pockets of third party quota owners, and have or will cause a loss of access to  fish stocks by many fishing communities.   As an example of how little progress has been made since the last  reauthorization, not one community fishing association has yet to receive any  allocation of quota.

There was also a  strong undercurrent of denial at the conference about addressing funding for  fishery science and data collection, and other fishery needs.  Poor funding — the single biggest issue  facing fishery management — simply wasn’t addressed. This denial was coupled  with a large dollop of delusion by those thinking better management could be  achieved with less science. Climate change was acknowledged, but there was no  discussion of the additional science that will be required for understanding and  adapting to more frequent and radical changes in the environment resulting from  global warming.  Finally, there was  some wishful thinking of the regional councils on display as well, such as the  Pacific Council’s claimed success with its trawl groundfish “rationalization”  scheme, which is still very early in implementation and still highly  problematic.

And, as an example of  how far our fisheries still have to go, there were all the NMFS personnel and  their paraphernalia wearing “NOAA Fisheries” badges. That moniker was given back  in the late Clinton or early Bush Administrations by some National Oceanic &  Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) folks but has served to marginalize the  importance of the nation’s fisheries ever since.  True success will be measured by the  restoration to full abundance of fish stocks, a rebound of the nation’s fishing  communities — and NMFS’ recovery of its name.  (Note a special edition of Sublegals is forthcoming giving a full  report on the MONF3 conference and MSA reauthorization).

Articles taken from Fishlink Sublegals may be freely  reposted or reprinted with attribution to “Fishlink Sublegals.”


Emails? Yeah. We get emails!

Hey Bore head. No stugots if you don’t put this up!

So! (I learned that from Sam Rauch yesterday when he answered questions at the hearing).

So! A flame war has broke out between the green pampered poodles from a green mafia outfit and Bob “Boom Boom” Vannase’s Saving Seafood crew! Seems that the green poochies don’t like it when someone calls them out on the not so legit crap that they use to get the bleeding heart support buck’s.

I just read an article here at Fisherynation about a conspiracy  or sumpin’  like dat, because the made guys on Boom Booms crew must’ve embarrassed ’em! Are you kiddin’ me? Fugedabout it!  They should be embarrassed!  Who’s  that Sean kid anyway. Sound Irish to me!  He writes, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”  My favorite sayin’ is from my Uncle Pauly Manella, God rest his soul. He used to say. “Teach a man to fish and some creep will try ta cheat ya out of yer livelihood!

Whoa! Uncle Pauly was so frickin’ right, heh? But hey. Sellin’ used cars beat fishin’ these frickin’ days.

This  cazzo di merda shoulda picked the one that says guys that live in greenhouses should never throw rock’s!

Anyway,,,, So!  This all started in the last couple a days, although it’s been festerin’ for years.

Lately, though, Boom boom and his crew has been woopin’ some green ass, and these guy’s don’t like dat! The poochie brigade, led by some high paid lawyer guy from this Consternation Law outfit has been out back, diggin’ up old bones. Stayin’ true to the racing form, he brought up old news that ain’t quite true  about this guy, Niles, Nils, whatever his name is, anyway, and started sayin’ he was a Capo in Bobby’s crew.

I seen this guy around for years, but had know idea he was picking up bag money from Boom Boom. But, hey. Ya never know about these inside things.

Word on the street is Nils ain’t even a made guy

All I know is dis , it’s about time someone started talkin’ the truth about the poochie pack. I hope the little ole lady’s pumpin’  out the greenbacks see these guys for what they are, because my inheritance is at stake. My mother keeps tellin me, that my success in the used car business and other entrepreneurial rackets will get me through, and I won’t need her money to survive, but the poor little animals do. I think she’s gonna leave her dough  to one of these green bean tax shelter outfits! Minga!

She says that me just wastin’ it playin’ cards, and going to strip joints, and chasing the phillies around would be a sin.

Her cat Cannoli crapped out and she feels like her dough could be better used for taking care of the frickin seals.

Hey. One more thing. I really like this thing of ours! Thanks for coming up with it! I check it everyday. I hear even the Irish guy’s like it.

Thanks a lot,,, Shut up.  Sal Manella Hoboken, NJ



Catch Shares – the Experimental Drug Foundation (EDF) Prescription that you may be looking for!

Are you a Gulf of Alaska trawl fisheries permit holder who has borrowed to the hilt under government subsidized loan programs, and sick of sharing it with the crewmembers and captains who create the real capital surplus of the industry?  Are you ready for ownership in an oligopolistic economic model of socialism?

Do you suffer from an inability to sleep at night because you must compete with other permit holders in a fair and competitive fishery?

Do you find yourself getting older and growing tired of hauling trawls, pots or reeling in your long line gear?

Do you have to put up with the frustrations of whales, and having to avoid the bycatch of species such as halibut and Chinook salmon?

And would you like the relief that comes from a government approved giveaway of public resources so that you can retire early from such pressures?

Then Catch Shares may be the best prescription for you!  And we at Big Fish-Pharma are here to offer you total relief – at government expense, absolutely free of charge.

Warning: Catch shares may consolidate a once-free industry, cause job losses that make QS holders’ hair losses look like a bad comb-over.  Wig treatments may be required.  Catch shares may lead to suicide for non-recipients, and massive setbacks for once supportive fishery-dependent communities.  Gifted quotas may have to be shared by interest deductions in favor of your bank.  They may lead to excessive golfing which causes Arnold Palmer Foot disorder and carpal tunnel problems, as well as hip displacements, divots and consequent Turrets Syndrome (cursing at bad club swings and ball placements).  Catch shares may also lead to excessive down-family sharing requests with nagging wives and daughters who want their share of the dynasty now, not in the future.  Massive cash flow problems may result, as well as Bad Investor Syndrome, even though your bank and investment advisors get rich off of your awarded shares and tradable gains and losses.

If you suffer any of these reactions or warning signs, please consult the doctors at the regional fishery council.  Before using Catch Shares, also consult with your life insurance agent, tax consultants, and heart specialist to see if you can endure the dosages prescribed.

If excessive guilt, feelings of deep unworthiness, and social withdrawal and loss of friends should occur, please immediately discontinue the use of Catch Share wealth quotas and consult your prescribing doctor.  In the case of shortness of breath and extreme anxiety, pay a lobbyist to attend fish council meetings on your behalf and lessen your exposure to such sunlight.  If an Office of Law Enforcement special agent should show up on your doorstep, refuse to cooperate and tell them to go get an attorney.

See your doctor today for a prescription of Catch Shares to make you fabulously wealthy, healthy and wise.  You’ll sleep better than any captain or crew ever did!

This paid advertisement was brought to you by Dr. Jane Lubchenco and the Academy of Untrained EDF Catch Share proponents.  Copies of this ad are not available in Laotian, Swahili, Spanish and Vietnamese.

18 Responses to The Art of the Rant

  1. scupguy says:

    the government should not be in the business of fisheries science and stock assesments. It gives them free reign to cook the books which we all know they do

  2. scupguy says:

    Great job with the site BH. Never give in!

  3. borehead says:

    Nancy Pelosi called Harry Reid into her office one day and said, "Harry, I have a plan to win back Middle America in 2012!

    Great Nancy, but how?" asked Harry.

    We'll get some cheesy clothes and shoes, like most Middle Class Americans wear, then stop at the pound and pick up a Labrador retriever. Then, we'll go to a nice old country bar in Montana and show them how much admiration and respect we have for the hard working people living there."

    So they did, and found just the place they were looking for in Bozeman, Montana. With the dog in tow, they walked inside and stepped up to the bar.

    The Bartender took a step back and said, "Hey! Aren't you Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi?"

    "Yes we are!" said Nancy, "And what a lovely town you have here. We were passing through and Harry suggested we stop and take in some local color."

    They ordered a round of bourbon for the whole bar, and started chatting up a storm with anyone who would listen.

    A few minutes later, a grizzled old rancher came in, walked up to the Labrador, lifted up its tail, looked underneath, shrugged his shoulders and walked out. A few moments later, in came another old rancher. He walked up to the dog, lifted up its tail, looked underneath, scratched his head and left the bar.

    For the next hour, another dozen ranchers came in, lifted the dog's tail, and left shaking their heads.

    Finally, Nancy asked, "Why did all those ranchers come in and look under the dog's tail? Is it some sort of custom?"

    "Lord no," said the bartender. "Someone's out there running around town, claiming there's a Labrador retriever in here with two assholes

  4. Westport says:

    Did anyone read the editorial on cod fishing in the New York Times of yesterday,9/24? The last paragraph clearly states Obama’s position on the New England fisheries.

    • borehead says:

      The international rules and quotas governing cod-fishing are complex and intended to help both cod and the industrial cod fishery survive. But no species can rebound when it has been stripped of its most fertile members. Scientists are calling for a sharp reduction in next year’s North Sea cod quota — down to 25,600 tons from 32,000 tons this year. Even this lower quota may be too high, aimed more at protecting fishermen than protecting cod.

  5. borehead says:

    Peter Shelley and the Conservation Law Foundation said the plaintiffs claims bordered on frivolous and amounted to a political sideshow.
    I wonder what the reaction would be had the judges made the correct judgement instead of ignoring the real issue.
    the 2/3 referendum vote, because that is the issue. The government skirting the law.

  6. borehead says:

    You may have heard that Hostess Bakery
    plants shut down due to a workers' strike. But you may not have
    heard how It was split up. The State Department hired all the Twinkies, the Secret Service hired
    all the HoHos, the generals are sleeping with the Cupcakes and the voters sent
    all the Ding Dongs to Congress.

  7. Great site. Fishermen across the globe need to stand united in our fight against catch share schemes. We need to keep informing the public about how catch shares destroy the artisanal fisheries that are worked by independent fishermen and turn them over to soulless corporations who only care about the money and hire the cheapest labor to run giant industrial “fishing” operations. We need to pit honorable environmental organizations against the eco-charities that are funded by the corporations that want to control our fisheries.

  8. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Could you please get rid of that picture of she devil, Jane Lubchenco that pops up when I enter FN.
    The site of that hatefull bitch ruins what could be the start of a great day when it appears.
    Perhaps a picture of a deck awash in blood and guts would be a happier scene!

  9. borehead says:

    I can’t hear you!
    I tried listening to the Mid-Atlantic Gillnet Bycatch Workshop webinar yesterday, and I’m trying like Hell to listen to the NEFMC SSC meeting today. I said trying!
    If these people can’t broadcast a decent webinar session that people can actually listen to, how can they project something like fish stocks?
    Epic fail on these webinars.

  10. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Congratulations BoreHead on your 17,000th hit at fishery nation. You should be very proud!

  11. - Moderator says:

    A tool that is buried in the toolbox does no one any good.

    February 28, 2013 ENGO, National

    Carmine Gorga wrote a letter to the Editor at the Gloucester Daily Times. My View: Unified effort needed to back fleet. Someone commented that maybe he was misguided when he wrote, “Reluctantly, one has to conclude that ecologists working within national foundations are tainted by the acceptance of oil money.”

    One of my favorite tools to use in explaining the oil drenched political appointed ENGO representatives that have found themselves in charge of the agencies that regulate hard working fishermen, while regulating them out of existence, is this one.

    Taking over the fishing regulations of a nation involves vanity and corruption – Part 1.The following is a six part series. A coup d’état is a sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force. In Conquest of the Ocean, you will see that this phrase disturbingly describes how the current national policy on fishing might have been established. BUT JUDGE THAT FOR YOURSELF. Today we present the Introduction and the the first chapter, The Oregon Connection. Published next will be the Fishing Management Connection, The Canadian Connection, The New England Connection, The Florida Connection and lastly, The New York Connection.

    Read the Series here.

  12. - Moderator says:

    Just in case any moonbat offspring would like to become commercial fisherfolk one day!

    While analyzing how we got to this place (where regulations destroy an industry) I’ve come across massive amounts of data, some might call it information overload. One of the first steps to pushing through the catch shares scam, was adopting an “EAF” (ecosystems approach to fisheries).

    The following paragraph that I found in a document posted at the UN sticks out. These marching orders came from the UN (and the NGO’s who control same). From “PART I The human context for an ecosystem approach to fisheries”

    Individuals and societies also value ecosystems for what they represent for the future. Some may value today the knowledge that their grandchildren will benefit from these services and others value having resources available in the case they become necessary for their direct use in the future (referred to as “option value”). In addition, some value the services independently of anyone’s current or future uses of these services (“existence values”). This category represents a philosophical value of the inherent right of ecosystems and communities to exist now and in the future. This perhaps vague but very important value can reflect the idea that each part of the ecosystem exists for a reason, whether we are aware of the reason or not, and therefore should be valued as part of the ecosystem.

    I hope that makes you all feel better. Just in case Thurston Howell the 19th decides to work for a living someday in the future decades (maybe he likes to fish), NOAA needs fleet reductions. NOW.

    This explanation makes more sense than anything NOAA will spout off about.

  13. - Moderator says:

    Any idea what it takes to load this place everyday?

    I look at a shitload of articles.

    There are other fish related sites, and if you follow fishing, you know where most of them are, and who runs them.

    One from England that is now a paysite, (you get eight free reads per month) charges people to read what I give you for free, and this is what I’m talking about!

    “”Sodexo retracts MSC-only policy””
    undercurrent news. I think Sackton owns it

    Undercurrent News

    Food distribution giant Sodexo is retracting its earlier statement that all seafood it sourced needed to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
    Then. I read this at the bottom:
    To read the original story from the text of Fish Radio, click here.

    What expensive bullshit


    It should have been a Labrador with two festering ASSHOLES…


    1-28-2014 State of the Union. He didn’t say these words “The Obama Ocean Policy”. He did say that he intended on making better use of Federal Land which includes Oceans, Rivers, Lakes and such. This was previously Our COMMON PROPERTY!!!
    Watch out for the U.N.s “LOST” that will take OUR SOVERIEGNTY of these Federal Waters.

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