Feds botched the review of Vineyard Wind, lawsuit alleges – Concern over right whales in lawsuit

A group of Nantucket residents opposed to an offshore wind farm planned for waters south of the island filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday seeking to stop its construction, arguing that several federal agencies violated laws intended to protect endangered species. BOEM and NOAA, which are named in the suit, declined to comment, citing the pending litigation. Vineyard Wind, a joint project of a Danish company and a U.S. subsidiary of the Spanish energy giant, Iberdrola, also declined to comment. Vallorie Oliver, another Nantucket resident and group member, argues federal officials haven’t provided adequate research to back up their claims that the wind project will have minimal impact on the right whales and other marine life. >click to read<Concern about endangered right whales cited in lawsuit over Nantucket Wind Farm – ACK Residents Against Turbines said Vineyard  Wind’s proposed project of some 60 turbines 22 kilometres south of the island is in a crucial area for foraging and nursing for the species, which researchers estimate number less than 400. Mary Chalke, a Nantucket resident and member of the opposition group, said the lawsuit isn’t just about Vineyard Wind, but other turbine projects also in the pipeline up and down the Eastern Seaboard. >click to read< 17:35

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    Cape Cod Bay was alive with Right Whales this spring… With all the interest in this species I would think they were being constantly observed!!! So why when I researched the Right Whales and the Block Island Wind-Farm??? Why did I only find one story of a female Right Whale and her Calf far south of Block Island???
    The Bases of the Turbines deemed Artificial Reefs will become excellent Habitat for European Green Crabs and the Vessels transporting the Turbines, carrying billions of Green Crab eggs in their Ballast Tanks!!! One mature Green Crab can produce 200,000 eggs!!! We already know what they can do!!!


    Nature is not a Whore!!!

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