Exploiting Irish Fishermen – Documentary ‘lifts the lid on decades of unfairness’

Irish fishing communities have commissioned their own documentary to highlight the crisis in coastal communities which they say has been caused by decades of unfair EU fishing policy. They have invited politicians to its screening in Dublin today as a follow-on to their high-profile protest flotillas staged in Cork and Dublin ports earlier this year. Amidst a growing crisis in the fishing industry, Irish fishermen enlisted the help of Sean Moroney,, It has led to the creation of a 26-minute documentary that fishermen say finally “lifts the lid on decades of unfairness” caused by the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy’s (CFP) allocation of the lion’s share, some 85%, of the total allowable catch, or quota, to the mainland European countries, despite the majority of this fishing taking place in Irish waters. Exploiting Irish Fishermen – the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy >click to read< 09:16

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