The Next Generation Answers Call of the Lobster

Lobstering and commercial fishing generally can be a tough business to break into. Fishing permits are expensive and in limited supply. Buying and repairing gear — boats, nets, traps and so on — takes time, patience and money. Add to that, environmental regulations and a dwindling lobster fishery and it adds up to an unstable livelihood. But Tegan Gale, Matteus Scheffer, Otto Osmers and Chris Mayhew are trying to make a go of it, forming a new generation of Vineyard fisherman, following in the footsteps of their fathers, grandfathers and, in some cases, great grandfathers. But they have no illusions about what they are getting into, especially where lobster are concerned.Two years ago, a retiring Island fisherman put his lobster permit up for sale. Otto Osmers, who had been fishing a student permit in high school seized the opportunity. photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 06:39

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