Another Stab in the Back

Reinstatement of excluding commercial fishing in Obama’s Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument by Joe Biden is another stab in our backs. It will hurt fishermen from Maine to Rhode Island. As if we don’t have enough problems with losing ground. Lobstermen and crab fishermen will also be excluded in 2023. A huge mistake has been made, based on the lack of evidence that fishermen have damaged reefs, corals, or hurt any whales. I fished those waters for twenty years, and never saw a piece of coral. The depth is 2.000 feet, but we’d set our nets at 600 feet, never touching bottom. This situation is not good, and will put more fishermen out of business. I don’t know what can be done to overturn this, but something needs to be done. Sam Parisi, Gloucester, Mass. 16:17
A Proclamation on Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument>click to read<

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  1. Barry Day says:

    This whole thing is based off Teddy Roosevelt’s legacy when he created the parks. Outgoing Presidents want to leave there little stamps on there tenure.

  2. Joel H says:

    The entire Biden administration is hell bent on destroying our American way of life. Him, together with the rest of his socialist Democratic cohorts are well on their way to wrecking what has been the greatest country on earth and turning it into a second rate society. How far we have fallen in ten months. Can we withstand four entire years of this? If they have their way, this nation will never be the same.
    God help us!


    If you can’t plagiarize it reinstate it!!! It takes the same amount of work!!! Or just keep out of site, right Kamala!!! STRATEGY!!!

  4. - Moderator says:

    Hi Barry, his legacy is built on lie’s, and malarkey! Been observing the clips on tv lately, and I’m amazed at how crisp the salute the non-vet has. It must be practiced, constantly, like the rhetorical babble that include all the crackpot talking points that have mandated me to remove two US Senators, really close by via the ballot box! I can see him snarling in the mirror, over, and over, and,,, Rhetorical Joe!
    Wow, Joel! Its unbelievable, isn’t it? I can’t believe we’re back to the great recession days of Summers of No Recovery days of Obama. After a cold winter, of course!
    First time I read about him, Striper, it was a plagiarization. It was early, too. I think I had just started reading newspapers,,, Didn’t take him long to reinstate! DTS! Boy! Talk about shitting the bed, as she doesn’t run to the Border! Worthless.

    • Joel H says:

      This President is a disgrace.
      And shame on the people who put their hatred for Donald Trump above their love of country by voting for this senile old man.
      Oh wait, that’s right, those who voted for him think our country is not a shining star. We’re all going to pay the price. Get ready for the coming cost of living increases as this administration continues to destroy the economy.

  5. Jim Kendall says:

    I tried to research some facts to proof the article that quoted me regarding Biden’s farcical act of implementing the “Antiquities Act” to recreate Obama’s ‘Offshore Monuments’.
    According to “Wikipedia” it would seem that Congress would need to ratify the declaration of the “Monument”, & I’m unsure that ever happened?
    I’ve attached some of the language from the ‘Wikipedia’ Item entitled, “Antiquities Act”!

    Antiquities Act
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Antiquities Act of 1906 (Pub.L. 59–209, 34 Stat. 225, 54 U.S.C. §§ 320301–320303), is an act that was passed by the United States Congress and signed into law by Theodore Roosevelt on June 8, 1906. This law gives the President of the United States the authority to, by presidential proclamation, create national monuments from federal lands to protect significant natural, cultural, or scientific features. The Act has been used more than a hundred times since its passage.

    The Antiquities Act was signed into law by President Theodore Roosevelt during his second term in office. The act resulted from concerns about protecting mostly prehistoric Native American ruins and artifacts — collectively termed “antiquities” — on federal lands in the West, such as at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

    Reduction of powers
    Presidential powers under the Act have been reduced twice. The first time followed the unpopular proclamation of Jackson Hole National Monument in 1943.

    “The 1950 law that incorporated Jackson Hole into an enlarged Grand Teton National Park also amended the Antiquities Act, requiring Congressional consent for any future creation or enlargement of National Monuments in Wyoming.[11] The second time followed Jimmy Carter’s use of the Act to create 56 million acres (230,000 km2) of National Monuments in Alaska.”

    I excerpted these facts from Wikipedia, “Antiquities Act”
    @ Oct. 12, 2921
    Jim Kendall
    New Bedford Seafood Consulting

  6. Muddog says:

    “Stolen elections have consequences. Everyone involved will get what they deserve.”

    Trump has exposed the Deep State swamp creatures. 99% of all politicians are bribed or blackmailed. “They” have been forced out of the shadows.

    The fiat money system has bought scientists, environmentalists, media, big tech, health care, politicians etc. Their house of cards is ready to crash.

    It is key to know who the enemy is. It isn’t black vs white, or rich vs poor. It is good vs evil.

    God wins.

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