Commercial Fishing Vessel Runs Aground off Truro

A fishing vessel ran aground in Truro Tuesday. The 78 foot F/V Carrabassett, home ported in New Bedford, came ashore in the area of Long Nook Beach. No injuries were reported. The cause of the grounding was under investigation. >click to read<, and enlarge image. 17:42

3 Responses to Commercial Fishing Vessel Runs Aground off Truro

  1. Mike brown says:

    That’s what you get for letting a drugged up idiot run your boats ! Guy should never be on the water period !

    • It’s also what happens when the industry ruled by the elitist enviroscum that now create the rules and regulations that make it so only huge multi national corporations can get into the industry. If the fleet was owner operated these things would be very few and far between.
      It’s only going to get worse. Been saying it for decades.
      Prove me wrong.

  2. Emily Berzinis says:

    Only way is to urine test the Captains and crew before they sail. Equipment, Mother Nature and human error lack of sleep will always be a part of the dangers of Commercial Fishing it’s just the way it goes if you’re doh can the job correctly.

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