California’s 5 most deadly, devastating tsunamis

Fortunately, it appears that the Bay Area and the rest of California on Saturday escaped the worst kind of damage that can be inflicted by a tsunami. Following the eruption of an undersea volcano near Tonga, surges of water flooded or threatened harbors and low-lying areas in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Berkeley and Marin County. The worst tsunami threat to the West Coast in more than a decade also prompted advisories, evacuations and beach closures up and down the coast. But by Saturday evening, it appeared that the region had dodged the tsunami bullet, with some damage to boats and property reported in Santa Cruz and other communities and no reports of major injuries. But history offers more deadly examples of when massive tsunami waves, generated by earthquakes or volcanoes erupting an ocean away, have barreled into California’s coastal areas,,, >click to read<  09:06

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